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Was just wondering if anybody else who lost a lot of hair ever regained the hair they had before? Just because I used to have really thick long hair, but it's very thin now. I cut it short for handiness and I have to say it looked to be improving (having b12 injections for 3 weeks alternate days) but it's falling out again. Was just hoping someone who has experienced the same...have you regrown thick hair again't or is this how it's going to be from now on? Thanks for replies

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  • I didn't lose hair but mine did get very thin and brittle and has certainly thickened up a lot.

  • Oh OK thank you, that's comforting to know ☺

  • I can't remember having thick hair but I had B12d symptoms for 20+ years before I got a diagnosis and treatment.

    As I got worse my long hair fell out more and more until it was very thin and I had to use small children's bands to hold it in a pony tail.

    After starting daily SI and plenty of supporting supplements my hair stopped falling out and after a few months I noticed that my head started to look fuzzy/furry, with lots of new hair sticking out that wasn't long enough to capture in a band.

    Two years on I now have enough to make a reasonably thick plait for a few inches before it goes back to a thin "rat's tail" for the last bit!

    If I accidentally miss any of my supporting supplements or protein sources that I always need, so my B12 doesn't work, it will fall out again! As well as my daily jabs I need to take a broad spectrum multivitamin and mineral supplement plus extra folate, potassium, magnesium and iron and I need plenty of pork and fish in my diet.

    If you get plenty of jabs and supporting supplements you have a good chance of it growing back. And getting your life back and feeling well again to boot!!

    Best wishes!

  • Before diagnosis I would awake every morning to a pilllow covered in hair.My hair became really thin and I honestly thought I would end up bald.Good. News is I now have lots of new hair growth and my hairdresser said my hairline is stronger than she's ever seen it.Hope you have the same response to your treatment.Good Luck

  • I have been self injecting for a year and after about 6 months I noticed my thin patches at the front of my hair had become much thicker :-) Also my hair had become very white and now it is more of a yellowy blonde colour.

  • I lost a lot of hair at temples and it was thinning and breaking off as it was very brittle. Also turned white/gray in a few areas. After 4 month of B12 and iron infusions it's grown back and in my normal light golden brown color . Overall my hair is thicker and healthier. I get B12 injections every 2 weeks following my initial loading doses.

  • My hair started to thin and loose colour, I am all white now ( apart from a small patch at the back of my head) before being diagnosed with B12 deficiency , I remember my hairdresser telling me I developed a bold patch on the back of my head. This has now been rectified with the regular injections. I again have a nice head of hair. ( still white mind) It took a good year or so perhaps even longer. Losing my hair was the least of my problems back then as that did not give me pain. I actually thought I had pulled them out with massaging my skull during migraine attacks. Little did I know...

  • I do the B12 injections every other day for 35 days now. And the interesting thing is that I started to lose hair! I had always very thick nice hair. Now I lose it! And I really see the difference, I have less hair! I really do not understand what is happening. I also supplement folic acid. But I do not take iron. Maybe the need for iron raised because of B12? Very strange. :) Anybody had any ideas?

  • that's odd..... well I have to say since writing my post my hair has Finally stopped falling out! it's quite thin compared to what it was...and some of the hair growing back is grey .....😭😭 but I am happy other has stopped falling out. now I am just waiting for my hair to fill in again.

    I would suggest your ferritin levels need to be looked at. that is your iron store. I injected everyday b12 for about 2 months roughly...folic acid 5mg, magnesium....vit D for a while....b complex sublingual and finally ferretin. Now my ferritin was 59 with is in range but 80 is best. my ferritin is now 96 so I have stopped supplementing...but as I say hair has stopped falling out.

    when u take b12 injections especially everywhere day like yourself you iron stores can I would advise you to look into that. best wished

  • mdoh1918

    this is also my way of thinking. I will definitely do ferritin level. As I know it was low (but in between range) a few months ago so I believe it will not go up magically without supplementing.

    I have difficulty tolerating supplements with iron but I found one at last and will try to stick to it for some time. :)

  • that's a annoying about your problem with iron but I hope you get one you can tolerate. I get a good one from behind the counter pharmacist in boots. ferrosulphate is best. do a bit of research because I took a few other types without realising the difference. I took feroglobin for a while which is OK but works at maintaining ferritin levels where ad ferrosulphate increases your levels of ferritin. if you were low before then I'd almost say just start supplementing now. but keep an eye on the levels as too high isn't good. I got mine tested privately a few weeks back. x

  • for hair loss you want to work on getting your ferritin around the 80 mark 😉 then stop and try maintain the levels with a different soft iron

  • Thank you! Your experiences gave me hope! I take (rather should because I forget to take it in the morning). SiderAl forte (iron pyrophosphate), that one I tolerate. Other like Solgar Gentle Iron is not gentle for me at all ;). I think my ferritin was higher but in lower range limit. And my dietician was concerned with that result. Will try to take it and we will see. :)

    BTW my hair was straight. But after of years of B12 deficiency, it started to be wavy. I wonder how it will change after injections. Streight again... I will miss it wavy ;).

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