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Ferritin levels ?


I need some advice I have been having funny turns for the last 7 months on and off but they are now everyday and I haven't been to work since Monday. Symptoms -

foggy brain/lightheaded/spaced out

Pains in lower leg

Extreme fatigue (more recent)

Headaches (more recent)

Trembling in legs feeling of giving way


Got referred to a neurologist in may, all ok apart from some cysts but all ok. Also had some recent blood tests ferritin was

At 10 and vitamin d was at 48, back in January my ferritin was 26 and vit d at 49.

Has ECG, BP both ok all bloods also ok ! Seen a recent neurologists as this is now daily and he has said -


All in my head

A recent viral infection

Or ferritan

Any help would be appreciated as no doctors se to be able to help !


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Your vitD is a little below range so might be worth asking GP about that.

You are being treated for an iron deficiency.

Although the title of this forum includes the word anaemia PA is actually a condition that leads to problems absorbing a particular vitamin B12, and one of the results in a particular type of anaemia - macrocytic anaemia, in which red blood cells are larger and rounder than normal - but this isn't a defining characteristic and this type of anaemia is quite different from an iron based anaemia.

However, having said that, it can be quite common for absorption problems that lead to B12 deficiency to also lead to iron deficiency but interpreting whether there is a B12deficiency from blood results in the presence of microcytic (iron based) anaemia can be very difficult - particularly as the test for B12 - serum B12 - is a rough guide at best.

B12 deficiency tends to develop over a very long period of time - also overlaps with symptoms of folate deficiency and a number of conditions. folate deficiency tends to manifest much quicker.

symptoms of B12 deficiency can be found here


suggest that you ask for copies of your blood tests - and if B12 and folate haven't been tested ask if they can be tested.


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