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Doctors cannot make up their mind!

Hi, I'm 21 and have neuropathy and cannot tolerate the cold and am tired. ALL tests that are possible for thyroid have been run and are good, antibioties are also negative. My neuro said they think it's my B12 215 (180-900) range. I did have 10 weeks of once weekly injections of 1000mcg cyanocobalamin-that did seem to help, not cure. And I'm also taking 1000mg sublingual. My B12 is now 800. My neuropathy and energy do seem a bit better. I just saw another hemotologist who ran intrinsic factor and said I am normal and my B12 wouldn't explain all of my symptoms. So now I am going to attempt once weekly nasal B12 that my neuro prescribed which is 500mcg. Every doc seems to think I am crazy, I don't know what to do! I am moody also, but I know being on birth control pills does NOT help this. I also take Deplin 15 (folate) for MTHFR gene. All of my vitamins are also in normal range. My hair thinned out also and am using minoxidil! I know all of this is just not stress.....Does anyone have any thoughts? I do not have celiac either. I attempted to eat gluten free but too many products may have cross contamination with tree nuts which I am very allergic to. I also feel anxious a lot, I've tried antidepressants and quite a few years back and they did NOTHING but make me feel worse. I still think I have something physical that is not right, I honestly don't think I'm crazy- Thanks for listening........

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Your not crazy we know our own bodies!

Do you have your blood tests available to post what about your folate, ferritin and vit D levels if you can post them the good people on the forum can support you.

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