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Advice on these results, please

I have just received my B12, Folate and Ferritin results from Medichecks and I would welcome comments on the levels.

Please bear in mind that the comment from Medichecks was

"B12 and Folates are normal. Ferritin normal indicating healthy iron stores"

Active B12 40.3 pmol (25.10 -165)

Folate 6.29 (3.89 - 26.8)

Ferritin 38.6 (13-150)

Has my Hashimotos addled my brain? How are these normal when none of the three results is anywhere near even the mid-point of the range

My last B12 was in a different range 129 pg/ML (180 - 914). How does this equate to the range above.


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How long ago was your previous test and was that for serum B12?

Do you have symptoms of a B12 deficiency Megluka?

I'm not medically trained but there are others on here who will be able to give you good advice.


The results are 'normal' because they are in the normal ranges which are the figures in brackets. The normal range is a measure of the spread of ranges for people who are okay but it is based on averages so there can be problems applying to individuals.

The result you quote at the bottom is for serum B12 - which looks at all the B12 in your blood. The active B12 measures B12 that is bound to a protein that enables it to pass from your blood into cells - on average only 20% of the B12 in your blood is bound to this protein.

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Sorry, I must be having a foggy moment here. I have all the signs of B12 deficiency and my GP said I was slightly deficient with the result shown at the bottom of my last post. I have seen several posts on here that state that Hashi people should aim for the higher end of the ranges so with that in mind, I presume I should be supplementing.

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I am not sure where the advice that Hashi peole should aim for higher end of ranges comes from particularly in relation to B12 - not sure that it is something that appears on this forum - though I know it is mentioned on the TUK forum.

Having Hashi's puts you at higher risk of having PA which is one cause of B12 deficiency. It would be better to establish the cause of your low B12/deficiency and to be sure that it really is B12 that is causing symptoms rather than supplementing - particularly if you are talking about supplementing with very high levels of B12 as there a number of things that can cause absorption problems and they require different treatment.

Please talk things through with your GP.

If your GP is unsure about whether or not and how to treat a B12 deficiency then there is information in the pinned posts that may be useful - and they may also find this site useful.


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