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Low to high b12 and slightly but consistently low WBC?

I feel like a bit of a fraud as this question doesn't perfectly match, but this is the closest match. I've had extremely low ferritin and fairly low blood counts for years now and am typically on the low end of B12. I've always managed to fall just outside of anaemia (normally like 11% blood cell distribution, 4 red blood cell count, etc.), but my GP has me on iron supplements and, until recently B12 supplements. I went down to once per week at a lower dose for the B12 supplements about 3 months ago per GP's instructions as I was in the healthy range (I don't have the result on me right now, but it was about 300-400; supplements were because I'm a vegan so consume essentially no B12 otherwise), but was told to stay on the iron as ferritin was still at 11 and 12% red blood cell distribution. WBC was a bit low at 3.6 but not too concerning.

The good news is that my ferritin is up to 28.3 (not good but very exciting for me!) and blood cell distribution at 14% (:D), i.e. not teetering on the edge of formal anaemia diagnosis for the first time in many years. But, WBC is still low and B12 has gone from low/medium to above the normal range? Everything else was fine besides high folate, but, given the amount of dark leafy greens and citrus fruits I eat, that really isn't surprising. The phlebotomist didn't say anything, just that my ferritin was up. Should I assume everything is fine and this is a good thing, or contact my GP? Any ideas of what could be going on? I haven't really had any symptoms that I don't normally experience or have another explanation for besides worse fatigue than usual and occasional abdominal pain (not particularly bad, but not something I normally get at all really). Results are listed below. Thank you in advance!

Results from the bloodwork this week (this isn't all of the tests done so sorry if missing anything relevant! Just don't want to type it all out)

WBC: 3.7 10*9/L [3.9-10.2 reference]

RBC: 4.2 [3.9-5.2]

Haemoglobin concentration: 128 g/L [120-156]

Red blood cell distribution width (XE2mO): 14% [11-16]

Platelet Count: 155 [150-370]

Neutrophil: 2.11 [1.5-7.7]

Lymphocyte: 1.21 [1.1-4.5]

Ferritin: 28.3 [10-291]

B12: 973 [211-911]

Folate: >24.00 [>5.38]

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Forgot to mention under symptoms that I've also had EXTREMELY cold extremities lately. Like they're always cold (to be expected honestly), but to the extent that I'll be in a very warm room and feel overheated, but my hands, ears, and feet will still be freezing and red/purplish.


what was the dose of B12 supplement you were taking?


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