Has anyone experienced insomnia after you corrected your b 12 deficiency. My number went from 168 to 454. Also vit d went from 15 to 45. The insomnia is the only issue I am having right now, which is causing anxiety. I am taking lorazepam to be able to sleep 3-4 hours a night. In the beginning, after finding out I was deficient I was tired and aching all the time. Nerve pain, muscle cramping, hot and cold all the time. Anyone share a similar experience?

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  • Hi, have you had any other tests done, ie thyroid or coeliac. I ask because i suffered insomnia at the time i was diagnosed and put it down to the b12 being lacking but i also had coeliac testing done and i have to say that since going gluten free, i, for the most part, am sleeping much better, so there may be a connection. I would advise not going gluten free to find out, as if any testing is done it will involve reintroducing glutened foods which can aggrivate any 'healing' which might have gone on. Much better to try to get blood test done while eating normally.

  • I had my thyroid tested and it all came back normal. I had seen a kinesiologist who told me I was allergic to dairy and nightshade vegetables. Feel like I am losing my mind. This insomnia is awful.

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