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terrible insomnia for months

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wondering if anyone can help me with my insomnia. I have been suffering from night sweats, burning arms legs and feet and dreadful insomnia - hard to fall asleep and waking multiple times in night - for the last 3 months. Since beginning my loading doses through SI two weeks ago the sweats and night pain have largely disappeared, but the insomnia remains. My doctor has tried me with three different prescription sleeping tablets, which at best give 2/3 hours sleep....he has now got me on slow release prescription Melatonin which is just not working. I have also tried Cannabis Oil and Benadryl. Can anyone advise.....will my insomnia issue likely resolve itself as my B12 treatment continues? any advise is really welcome as it is very hard to deal with everything this illness brings while feeling so exhausted. thanks. J

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Whilst B12 deficiency can cause problems with insomnia it is far from being the only thing that can cause insomnia.

Sleep is a very complex area - there was a very interesting BBC review of sleeping disorders a couple of months ago that looked at a range of factors including the use of computer equipment (some people find using glasses that filter out blue light can help). Exercising and getting plenty of daylight - particularly earlier on in the day - can also help some.

Often worrying about sleeping ends up making things worse. Personally I find that listening to a short medication helps me break the cycle if I am just lying awake.

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thanks a mil......I have practiced meditation for years but it is doing nothing for it.....but i will keep trying. J

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Hey...I'm new to this forum. Just wondering / hoping you found something helped with sleep. Any tips? I'm struggling with it. Thx

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hi there.....hope you will get some relief....i tried everything....it has slowly inmproved since being on B12 injections, but it has taken three months of almost daily or bi daily injections to get there. After trying a host of prescription and non prescription meds I now take a 1,000mg Vitamin B3 tablet and two Benadryl tablets every night. (Diphenhydramine 25 mg Generic Benadryl Allergy Antihistamine 100 Capsules on Ebay) and i have also started (a month ago) on Low Dose Natroxene at 1.5ml a night....i will build to 3ml and 4.5ml over the coming months. I now average five hours sleep anight and can fall back to snooze when i wake early. I hope this helps as we cannot get better when we cannot sleep. Hugs. J

I've had the same. Night sweats less now. Legs can wake me alot. Also getting up to wee.

I've found aromatherapy infusers. Sitting in semi dark sitting up. Good thoughts or a play to listen to. I also try a few simple stretches . No food or drinks from early evening apart from milk or water. I dint fight it any more just lay with my eyes open as sometimes trying to close eyes csn gI've head buzzy sounds . Your eyes will close when ready. I also try and follow my body. As I'm housebound at present. If I nap on the day I can sleep better. Perhaps on your weekend?

I don't know if this will help you, but taking magnesium and calcium supplements and making sure I consume enough potassium seems to relieve my insomnia.

I had terrible insomnia for years & was down to about 3-4 hours sleep a night in the 6 months leading up to my low b12 diagnosis in January this year. Around 2ish weeks after starting on injections my sleep started to hugely improve and has been pretty consistant ever since - I'm now sleeping better than I have in years. So, you might find it will improve over time - from my experience, 2 weeks into treatment is still early days.

I have a clock radio by the bed which has a CD player in it, have a few CBT type CDs, one good one is a hypnosis for relaxation. Bought myself an under the pillow microphone, and play this when having problems sleeping, sometimes it does seem to help. Bought the microphone as with the ear pieces nearly throttled myself turning over having fallen asleep with them in!! ruined the effect.

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