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What should I tell GP

I have an under active thyroid and B12 deficiency (PA probable). I have just had a colonoscopy and gastro-endoscopy (what a social life I lead) colonoscopy all clear still waiting for biopsy results on endoscopy. I have monthly B12 injections and take a selection of other pills.

Just lately I have notice little red/crimson spots on my skin in large patches but lots of little spots, should I mention these?

Also my knees are killing me along with pains in my finger and thumb joints, do I add this to the list?

And, my pelvis (the blade bits that stick out) hurt is this something else to mention?

I am so sick of feeling sick, not sure if I am just paranoid about everything now, oh and I almost forgot I have got big lumps come up on my ankles (where the knobbly bits are) they feel soft and squashy but are now painful when I wear boots.

All advice and comments appreciated, thanks guys

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Hi! Geordi, the small red dots could be petechiae, little tiny haemorrhages. They have various causes, I have them extensively over my body.

"Certain nutrients will increase platelet count and help decrease inflammation, including vitamin C, vitamin K, vitamin D, folate, and vitamin B9. A multi-vitamin high in these vitamins plus vitamin B12 can also help prevent vitamin deficiencies associated with petechiae. Vitamin C and quercetin can also help with root causes of petechiae such as rheumatoid arthritis or an allergic reaction."


Have you been told you have a vitD deficiency? That causes joints to hurt I have pains especially I knees shins thumbs and fingers.

I'm b12 deficient. Also low iron I tale ferrous sulphate. I take vitD once daily.

All on prescription.

I self inject B12 and have one every 12 weeks at the surgery. Ironically my foliate is high which even the doctor can't understand so I don't take foliate.


I have Vit D along with my B12, take it daily so should not be deficient, someone mentioned possibly rheumatoid arthritis as I have other auto immune conditions, oh the joy of it all


I don't know if you know but take vitD in the morning as it keeps you awake.

Hope you feel better soon .


Thank you, I do take it in the morning I joke that all my pills are my breakfast 😏

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Why have they done an endoscopy? Do they suspect that you might have Coeliac or a problem with absorbing vitamins and nutrients?

If you are low in Iron/ferritin this will give you symptoms of muscle aches and tiredness and low D3 will give you symptoms of joint aches


Think they are just testing for everything I have lost over 7kg in 3 months and I have an under active thyroid so weight loss is not common

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Lets hope that they work out what is going on soon :)

Sadly its common for us with underactive thyroids to have more than one auto-immune condition. My bonus is coeliac - for some people this can cause weight loss

Good luck getting your answers :)


B12 helps a lot together with Folic acid. The pain can be very bad with low vit D.

These 3 things you definitely need to take which do make a HUGE difference.

I suppose you also take something for your hypothyroidism, and some of the tablets have nasty side effects.(Read the leaflet if you haven't).

Could make a difference if you change tablets depending on how long you been on them.

Keep taking the B12, folate and vit D as that should make a significant difference.

You can talk to whoever deals with your Thyroid about the side effects or changing them to see if that helps.

Wish you well.


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