update on the doctors appointment

I posted my Blue Horizon results on here last week. With some help from this forum and the thyroid forum, you were all really helpful. I booked a doctors appointment, all raring to go.

I went to see my doctor and his first words were, how is your anxiety? are you still taking your anti-depressants?

I started crying like a baby, as I thought brilliant he isn't going to believe me.

Moving on in the appointment, he admitted he didn't know what reverse T3 was and the ratio. So dismissed this instantly (but that's fine)

He kept going back to my health anxiety, but eventually, after crying for about 15 mins he has given me iron and folate tablet's and has asked me to go back in a months time for more blood test and the intrinsic factor test will be performed, after me also saying that my mum has PA.

But I suppose I can take that this is kind of a step forward.

Thanks for all your help!!!

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  • Well done for the progress you've made so far Cazzie91

    The folic acid will hep process the iron.

  • I don't think folic acid can help process iron.

    Yes, both are required to make healthy red cells, but that's the full extent of any relationship.

  • Well done for sticking your heels in. That would have been hard for you, I imagine. I have appt with GP on Friday (ie 4 days) having already written a letter explaining why I feel I need B12 injections and further investigations, plus a referral. Ha, I wonder if I'll do as well as you have - I respond in the same way as you clearly do, ie bring out the tissues ;)


  • My appt is at 10:20 this morning with my 18 yr old. I've already sent 3 letters to GP... he'd better have educated himself in B12d / pa. I'm in the mood to kick butt today!

  • Dare I hope it went well, SarahFerguson ??? - Best you start new thread to let us know how you got on ;)

  • Grrrr so mad! It was another waste of my time. Can't write anymore so mad, angry at the lack of knowledge GP s have. even with evidence from standard of heamatology and my sons bloods - he still won't do anything, it's like they are waiting for neuro problems before acting! I've now asked for full medical records for me and my son! Told Gp they would be hearing from me and walked out of consulting room.

  • Cazzie91, it's very hard isn't it?

    I can write a rational letter, but when it comes to the appointment, often it's the 'wrong' day and I can't keep up with GP who is on 10min. timer. Can't understand her, can't find answers to questions or find specific notes to back me up - and can't remember the outcome to tell anyone else! Total waste of time...... unless GP is taking notice of all the things I am now unable to do.

    Crying can be frustration, relief, exhaustion etc as well as depression or anxiety (and really, wouldn't these be 'normal' conditions given the circumstances?)- so crying like a baby is probably unavoidable for quite a few of us. Giving me a double appointment would probably just mean me crying for 20mins instead of the usual 10!

    You did well, and good luck with the tests.

  • I've written 3 letters now. I've now threaten with legal action for my mis-diagnosis with vitiligo and PA which lead to neuro problems for me. My sons symptoms are screaming out at me, but quite clearly not the GP. Got no alternative now! Solicitors it is!

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