Update on Visit to Doctor

Just a quick update went to see my Doctor on Wed I had dropped a letter with lots of Info attached for him to read on Monday, he had read all the info I Left for him on Monday and said he would write to someone to get my Intrinsic Factor checked and was happy to give me more loading doses of B12, 5 over the next 2 weeks.

I told him I had sourced my own B12 , needles , syringes and wipes and showed him 1 of each that I had got and that I was willing to self inject he said do that every other day as it suggests in the info you gave me and I will see you in 2 weeks he will keep an eye on my bloods as well, I couldn't be happier.

This was a different Doctor in our surgery but I will definitely keep seeing him.

Thank you for all your valuable information you provide on this forum and the time you take to help others.

Just have to fight the ESA now they are making me sign on jobseekers at the moment makes me feel like a fraud signing on knowing there isn't a job out there that I would be able to do. especially as I have a job waiting for me when I am well enough to go back to it.

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  • I'm happy for you PaulFoster and hope you get back to your job soon.

    Please ask your doctor to monitor your Folate level too.

  • Will do

  • Paul - really great to hear that you have stumbled across a GP that will work with you.

    Hope it continues and you get back on top of everything soon.

  • Yeah I'm well pleased Gambit62 our Diagnosis and treatment shouldn't be down to luck or stumbling. Cheers m8

  • wow - to have a gp who is okay about si......

  • I was and still am really pleased Cheers

  • Shouldn't have to si , it ought not to be a source of celebration.

  • What I'm really pleased about is getting a diagnosis of B12 deficiency with Neurological implications and whilst this should get the doctor to prescribe me b12 every other day until no further improvement all I was going to get was 5 loading doses over a 2 week period, by offering to self inject and the fact that I had already purchased all I would require for 100 shots that's 200 days worth or until there is no further improvement whichever comes first. if I had Diabetes type 1 instead of type 2 would have to self inject so I don't see a problem with SI so I am pleased also that I am getting the B12 I need.

    The real celebration should be when we don't have to teach Doctors what they should be doing or even remind them what they should be doing,

  • Perhaps you could give the same info to ESA that you gave to your GP ? Why change a winning formula? Or maybe your lovely GP can write a short letter explaining symptoms and limitations imposed by them? Now that might be asking a bit too much. A symptoms list from you might be enough to keep them off your back.

    I am really glad that you have your job on hold for you, and wish you a speedy recovery.

  • My appointment at Jobseekers Is in 30 mins ive got ESA refusal letter and changed the wording of the letter to my doctor but put all the added document in for them to forward to ESA as my appeal.

  • Great news Paul. Hope ESA appeal goes well 😉.

    Fantastic to hear you have a job lurking in the background for when you're fit and raring to go ...fingers crossed that it will be a very short lurk.


  • Lucky you. I'm running out of GP's to see at my surgery . Hope everything goes well.

  • Like you I sourced my own supplies and informed the GP that I self inject. She was fine about taking responsibility for my own health. Not all GPS in the practice are like her.

    Good luck with your appeal.

  • Cheers HonorElizabeth

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