Update on other half!!!!

Well I've been writing on here about my husband and thought I'd let you know how he's getting on. From being at rock bottom emotionally and physically around 1 month before due a jab and then especially after being told his treatment was being withdrawn and his blood was all OK, and after me writing to his doctor and going with him to see her, she immediately re-started his jabs, told him for life.

Anyway, he seemed worse for around a week but in the last week the change is very dramatic once again and he is more or less back to his old self! Have armed him with patches and sublingual 5000 tablets in case he goes downhill before next jab and also a good quality multi-vitamin pill once a day. Because he had been so bad, I had still been worrying that it could be "something else", but the huge change is undeniable and I am convinced that it is the lack of B12. I find it hard to believe that doctors just don't seem to get it. He has not taken the antidepressants she prescribed as yet because the improvement in his depression/fogginess and anxiety is pretty amazing just by getting the treatment he needs.

Just writing to give encouragement to anyone struggling with this horrible illness, you can get better and get your life back.

This site has helped me so much to support my husband and I'm very thankful to all who contributex

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  • Thanks christina and glad that your husband is now getting the treatment he needs

  • Many thanks Gambit - has been so hard for me to see him like that, but feel so much happier now! Feel we now have control over it now and just want to get back to normal (fingers crossed).............

  • Hi christina1952 thanks for letting us know and for all your efforts at getting your husband the treatment required.

    You are an inspiration to all on here and you have "opened the eyes" of yet another doctor which will be of help to the next patient who comes along with the same problem.

  • Thanks Clive - just don't like the thought of anyone else being so ill and feeling they will never get any better....................

  • Lovely to read a positive story and wonderful that you were able to support him.

    How often is he getting his jabs?

  • Still booked for 3 monthly, but doctor want to see him again in 2 weeks to see how he's getting on. He does seem to go downhill after around 2 months so will be going back with him if this happens

  • Well done christina1952 for getting your husband back on the road to good health.

    Onwards and upwards.

    J 🍀

  • Thanks all!

  • This is very good news. I started treating my husband (I have PA and self-treat) when we suspected that after 35 years of vegetarianism, he might be rather short of B12... Well, alternate days of 1000 mcg methylcobalamin during 2015 had a very positive effect on his mental health. He has suffered stress, anxiety and bouts of depression for many years, so this was a welcome relief. Unfortunately, methyl-B12 is now harder to come by and very expensive. We've both found hyroxo-B12 less effective for our different symptoms of B12 deficiency, even with plenty of folate.

    Incidentally, we've recently tested my husband for hypothyroidism and found his thyroid function to be low, which we'd also suspected for many years. He tends to ignore ill-health and plough on regardless but I've finally persuaded him to start taking NDT.

    I have hypo-T too, in various forms, and about 10 years ago I started consulting Dr Barry Peatfield. He told us that many of his patients have a spouse/partner with similar health problems, particularly autoimmune conditions. His theory was that people with sluggish metabolisms get together because no-one else would tolerate their inactivity! :-)

  • I've had bouts of clinical depression for years and would not wish it on anyone ever. I have it under control now thank goodness, but it's one of the reasons I've been so upset as my husband has never suffered from it. He has always helped me through my bad times and I suppose that's what life is all about, helping each other whether it's family, friends or even strangers as many on this site have found out. I wish you all well.

  • Hi Christina1952. It's so good to read your news after all the struggles you've both had.

    Well done you...your husband is a lucky man to have someone strong and determined to fight for him 😀.

    Every time one person has a victory, we all feel it.

    Take care and you know where we are if you need anything x

  • I'm so pleased for you both ! Great news ! But isn't it a scandal that it is so difficult to get this simple treatment? Think of all the other PA patients who don't have a computer and who don't have the enormous benefits of belonging to the PAS . There must be no end of people suffering out there . It upsets me .

  • Not just those without a computer wedgewood but also those who are of the generation who wouldn't dream of questioning a doctor's authority.

    My aunt, in her 80s, is now in a wheelchair with a declining quality of life. A neurologist wrote to her GP asking for a B12 blood test which was ignored. Over a year later the neurologist followed it up and when the result came back her B12 was 63.

    She was given 2 weeks of loading doses and 3 monthly injections thereafter. Woefully inadequate. I'm in the south of England and she lives in Scotland. I've spoken to her by phone, sent her articles, mentioned the support group in Scotland and the PAS, my mum's done the same. She won't do anything though as she accepts what the GP says.

    I could cry with frustration!

  • My husband was a bit like at that at first, as you should be able to trust your doctor will know more than you. I'm sure a lot of elderly people could be misdiagnosed as having dementia. I think everyone over a certain age should have a B12 blood test as it would avoid a lot of misery for the sake of a cheap effective treatment. Not right!

  • Thats really good news, hope your husband continues to progress. All best wishes

  • This is such great news!! I am so, so happy for you and your husband. Thank you for sharing a positive story! It will give hope to those who are struggling.

  • I hope so - early days yet but a huge improvement

  • Wonderful news and a very uplifting post. Well done, Christina 1952! :-)

    Thanks for sharing your good news.

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