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B12 deficiency, sciatica and trapped nerves

Diagnosed last year with B12 deficiency after suffering peripheral neuropathy. Since then I have had a number of incidents of sciatica and woke this morning with what feels like a trapped nerve below shoulder blade.

Only ever received loading dose and then 12 weekly top ups despite having neurological symptoms.

Could the sciatica and 'trapped' nerve be B12 related? Has anyone else suffered similar things?

I'm also Vit D deficient so am on high daily dosage and am topping up folic acid too.

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I would certainly recommend writing to your GP pointing out that you have neurological symptoms and that the treatment for a B12 absorption problem with neurological involvement is different from that if there isn't an absorption problem and then discuss it with your GP next time you see them.

I had a bout of pain in my hip last weekend that I thought was sciatica but cleared a few days later when a viral infection came to the fore with swollen glands. In the past I have also experienced severe pain in the shoulders - on one occasion so bad that I was in tears and just couldn't moved for a couple of days - which again was down to a viral infection. Not saying that yours is a virus but just that it is a possibility. I think for me the main thing is that being B12 deficient really affects my perception of pain - when things were really bad I could scarcely walk because I had so much pain in my feet and ankles. I have a pin in my left ankle following a fracture in 2012 and the ligaments catch on it - I notice that a lot more when my B12 levels get low - and I also experience shooting pains in both ankles if I need to top up my levels.


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