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B12 Deficiency and Neurological Symptoms?

Can someone (or as many as possible) list the symptoms they are experiencing with neurological problems related to B12 deficiency.

I'm experiencing quite a number of Neurology Problems that I know are related to my B12 deficiency and pernicious anaemia . Nerve endings in my feet. ankle joints, weak and swollen knees.. hands and wrist swollen etc... I do also have Rheumatoid problems. But I believe any flare up of arthritis is being compounded by my PA and lack of Vit.- B12 in my system, The 6, loading injections helped for a very short while (about 8, days) then all symptoms returned. Walking; getting in or out of the car; or the bath, have become very difficult. What neurological symptoms are others experiencing??

Before anyone asks about thyroid; NO I've not had it checked yet. Trying to get to grips with the PA as it's all relatively new to me. Will ask to have it checked at some point.

Although I do not think my problems stem from a thyroid problem?

Symptoms are more neurological than anything else; just need some help to find a way forward.


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Hello Nytsom,

I also suffer with a few of the neurological symptoms.


Forgetting simple things


Low mood

Pins and needles

Balance problems

Muddling up words, or when writing mixing up the letters

Also another weird one has been getting easily irritated by repetitive noises.

Hope this helps



Thanks Nikki,

Good to know I'm not alone .

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Have got my levels to where they need to be so don't have symptoms at the moment - aside from some minor carpel tunnel (which I can control with posture), and some numbness in sole of my left foot.

However, before I started treating myself I had lots of problems including

shooting pains in feet and legs when walking

poor balance

numbness in hands and feet

problems swallowing (autonomic)

severe anxiety

severe depression

minor psychosis (which was getting worse)

I do still have the following


minor incontinence (double) (autonomic)

Sorry to hear about the rheumatoid arthritis - another autoimmune problem - and although I think it is unlikely that it is B12 that is contributing to swelling it may well be implicated in the pain. I have some residual carpel tunnel and that is definitely aggrevated by water retention associated with changes in hormone levels - means constriction of the nerves is worse/more likely - and this will affect your feet as well (tarsal tunnel)


Hi Gambit,

Soles of feet are a problem; I think I've damaged the nerves over a long period of time. Both hips sore and restrict movement; and I do have water retention in the left foot, ankle, calf and knee, recently my left hand has swollen. Trouble getting in or out of the Bath; and the same with in and out of the car. Lower back has me stooping; although I force myself upright. I know walk with a permanent limp, as planting feet on the ground is awkward and painful . I'm convinced it's a neurological problem that has aggravated the rheumatic problems. Hell, I even have trouble putting a pair of socks on.

This PA is a strange illness.


It really is difficult to believe that a vitamin can do so much ... I even find it difficult to come to terms with how much getting my levels right helped.

The problems in your feet may well be related to 'tarsal tunnel'. This can be eased a bit by using arch supports and tarsal supports ... doesn't resolve it but at least it might make it a bit more bearable whilst you are trying to recover, though sometimes things don't fully recover if the damage has been there for a long time. I find that methyl cobalamin (nasal spray) helps with the amount of sensation etc in my left foot - which was the real problem one - so it may be worth experimenting with different formats of B12 as well if you can.


There's a few mentioned here.


Sally Pacholok's book "Could It be B12" has a comprehensive list.


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