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Liver enzymes back up and ferritin dropping. Help

So I'm going to try to keep this short. My first question is has anyone else had elevated liver enzymes? I'm skinny, don't ever drink alcohol or take pills and don't have hepatitis. Before b12 treatment a year ago my enzymes were high. Started shots and it went to normal. Got it tested again and it's high. My ferritin started at 9 a year ago and now it is 29. 3 months ago it was 32. Ferritin is going down and also my DHEA when I started PA treatment was 40... then rechecked it was 150, and now it's 50 it's like I'm going backwards how is this possible? I felt great last summer and now I'm feeling ill again with the fevers and extreme exhaustion. I do shots once a week maybe I should do them every 2 days? My b12 is 2000 so that's good.

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Sorry, it doesn't sound as if anyone is qualified or very experienced in this in order to help you. Good luck.

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Which liver enzymes were raised? Many can have raised levels due to things other than the liver, some are more specific.

You say you don't have hepatitis. I presume you mean that you have tested for viral hepatitis. There are many other things that can cause inflammation of the liver (which is what hepatitis means). One possible cause is an autoimmune problem, and we all know that having one AI disease makes another more likely.


The ALT is raised. Just hepatitis c they tested for long back because of my tattoos they assumed I was also on drugs and using dirty needles.


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