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Balancing chakras

My holistic therapist has suggested I have a B12 problem and that I need to use obsidian to help my base chakra. But I've read that folic acid works with B12 for absorbtion and that that uses the soler plexus chakra. Does anybody else have experience in balancing the chakras using crystal therapy. I also have methylation if that makes any difference.

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When you say you have methylation - I presume you mean that you have a genetic variant (C677T most common though there are others) that affect your ability to methylate vitamins - this usually affects folate but can impact on B12 - and it only reduces the efficiency of the process - doesn't stop it happening entirely.

I've personally not come across crystal therapy in relation to balancing chakras and B12.

What's your diet like - B12 is only found in animal products so if you are following a vegan diet or eat very little meat/fish/dairy/egg then you may have/be developing a dietary deficiency.


I drink wheat grass juice for B12


Have not heard of B12 being in wheatgrass - always willing to learn 😊

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There is no naturally occurring vegetable source of vitamin B12. It is only naturally available in meat and dairy products. Any product that has B12 in it that is not from an animal source has been fortified. For example, some cereals are fortified with various vitamins including iron, folic acid and B12.

It's possible that the wheatgrass product you link to is fortified with vitamin B12 since they list it on the page, but I don't see anything on the page that tells you how much has been added to the product. If that is the only source of B12 in your diet, you are probably not getting enough.


agree with Galixie - wheatgrass is not going to give you any B12 unless it has been fortified ... and chances are that it won't be giving you RDA.

Because B12 is stored in the liver in good quantities and RDA is actually very low it can take years and even decades for a deficiency to occur. petaq, please take a look at your diet and make sure that you are getting enough B12 and be wary of any products that claim to be a purely vegetable source of B12.


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