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Confused - sorted

I posted yesterday with my blood results. I mentioned that in August 16 that I had my B12 jab and 11 days later had my annual thyroid blood test. Whereafter I was phoned by the surgery with the message that I am not to have my next jab in Nov because my levels were high (2000). Had blood test on Tursday. In the mean time, I have been gathering all information and guidelines thinking I might have to fight my corner. Dr phoned today. I need to take folic acid for 4 months and my jabs have been reinstated to 12 weekly (even though my levels are still high - 1038). I do not need to have any more blood test for my PA. I asked that it was put on my notes. Yippee! I wonder if the Dr did some research.

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Good to hear - alternative possibility is that he was beaten into submission by a lot of material from another mistreated patient.


Great news yorky60.

I love Gambit62's idea of doctor's being beaten into submission by a lot of material...though sooner not by a mistreated patient 📚📚


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