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Back in 2013, I 've the same problem of eating ice .I have been eating ice for past 4 years. For me ice gave me a euphoria but I don't know the ill effects of craving ice back then . Sadly, my haemoglobin levels falls to 2.8 .I was dying that time and unable to move and cant ate as my body unable to synthesise. I was 17 but feels like a aged person and used to think aging had encounter me so early.. I cant breathe properly . Breathlessness was common for me and unable to go upstairs was a difficult task for me..But now I'm fully recovered (by god bliss) my hb levels are rise up and cravings are gone . Listen carefully, I 've learnt a lesson and in my future I'm not gonnna repeat this mistake...Because of my cravings ,I faced a lot of problems my overall health degrade . I've seen worst of my life because of ice craving . The path is easy for anyone to become addicted to ice craving and when try to stop this ours mind play a game/trick on us . BRAIN -"GAVE ME ICE , I WILL GIVE U AWESOME FEELING (BULLSHIT FEELING) " Slowly we became addicted to it and our mind cant live without it and we started to ate every time and then its become our habit . we became angry when we don't get ice... Mouth dryness is one of them..we feel hallucinations . The effect of any type of craving is similar to drugs addition and result is fatal when we are unable to control it. We demand and we demand .slowly our attitude changes this leads to numerous problems . Behavioural issues related problems is one of them and we became violent and brain plays negative environment . Positivity is lost as there is no hb in our body . when my blood level rise ,the first thing I saw was positivity around me .THAT WAS GOOD ..MY health related problems due to hb lose are no more and my face is not dull . my hair regrow If you don't want to go through this... then my first advice is STOP . PLEASE STOP .when you have ice craving eat fruits .You''ll see a remarkable result in your craving addition . EAT FRUITS WHEN YOU FEEL CRAVING . the next thing I want to say that please don't take medicines everyday as it may result into constipation which lead to severe issues instead of this take fruits which will help in normalizing your haemoglobin levels . FRUITS ARE FAR MORE BETTER THAN ANY MEDICINES . As in my case I take folic acid , B12 syrups and result was disastrous as I was vomiting every time . if you take iron medicines please take with one digestible syrup . or you can eat Citrus fruits along with them as they absorb iron and don't constipate. This is my advice and I want each and every person who 's reading this if you have any type of craving please stop and give a thought for minute what your's parents feel when you are no more because of your stupidious craving .Hope it helps to you .

Be happy !!...Be healthy !!...... :)

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Hi Lavee. The compulsion to eat non-food items (ice, coal soil, hair etc) is called Pica and is a recognised symptom of anaemia (iron deficiency and others types of anaemia), B12 deficiency, pernicious anaemia and other medical conditions.

As such, the compulsion to eat non-food items cannot be thought of as an addiction or dependency: rather it's a physiological response that is prompted by some underlying health problem.

Nice as it would be, none of these problems can be dealt with by eating fruit - though forum members would be delighted if that were the case 😄. Nor will eating fruit cannot restore haemaglobin levels. Sadly 😖.

It sounds as if, in your case, it can be linked to your problems with low haemaglobin (and resulting anaemia) and, perhaps also to a B12 / folate deficiency...or even another underlying medical condition.

Whilst your symptoms may be due to problems with you low haemaglobin, your GP / medic might like to consider and rule out other potential causes.

You don't say if you have been diagnosed with or treated for B12 deficiency but some of the symptoms you describe (dry mouth, breathlessness, 'behavioural issues', negativity) are indeed symptoms of B12 and/or folate deficeny, one cause of B12 deficiency being pernicious anaemia. And there are other medical conditions which can cause these type of symptoms.

It might be a good idea to read the PAS pinned posts to the right of this page when you log on - in particular, the symptom checklist. You may find that you have symptoms of B12 deficiency which you didn't realise we're symptoms - many people find this.

If you think some of the symptoms apply to you, it might be a good idea to discuss this with your GP. If you do have B12 deficiency, then you will need to be diagnosed and treated appropriately in order to prevent continued ill health and the possibility of potentially irreversible neurological damage.

If your GP hasn't managed to identify the root cause of your consistently low haemaglobin, then PA or B12 / folate deficiency could well be the root cause.

And if you feel a continued compulsion to eat ice, then it would also be worth asking your GP to investigate further.

In the meantime, once you've read the PAS pinned posts, please post again if you have any questions or need any further help.

Take care 👍


You are absolutely right ! Did you know that ice-craving can be a symptom of Pernicious Anaemia ?

Best wishes .


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