Test Values

I am confused by these results

from GP i went for Intrinsic Factor

test and ferritin and folate testing

in blood test

My last loading dose was in end of September .My recent result is as follows: Blood haematinic levels SAB734 -A normal result

Serum folate 11.6 ug/L range 4.00-20.00 ug/L

Serum ferritin 95 ug/L range 20.00-330 ug/L

Serum C reative protien level SAB734-A 1 mg/L <7.00mg/L

Is Intrinsic factor result included in the Above?

Serum folate was 12.2 in 2015

if has anything to do with anthing.

Wanted to find out if am truly having problem with B12 Absordsion issues

Have only noticed slight short term memory issues and very tired trying to get out of bed but could be seansonal or maybe need B12 as it is due after 3 months now.

Thanks in adavance for any advise.

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  • Nope, none of those are for anti-IF antibodies.

    Haematinics means blood-cell-making-chemicals - B12, folate and iron.

    Serum folate virtually unchanged.

    No real sign of a B12 absorption problem.

  • Hi fbirder thank you for your kind reply so it appears Anti IF intrinsic Antibodies test was not done although i gave in 2 separate blood request forms at the time of blood test for this test to be done.But does it really matter if like you say there does not seem to be an obsorbtion issue then the ferritin folate and the C reactive protien

    will sufice and no more testing would be needed?

    Or would i need to get the Anti IF test done also.

    I am due the 3 month next injection next week

    thanks for your time.

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