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Saga update: Brand new practice. New GP. I've only got ten minute


But, lasted 25. Very good first impression. Wont throw my knickers in the air just yet but very promising.

I asked for, copy of lastest Hospital blood tests. Gladly!

Showed her Thyroid panel bought privately. Looked. No comment.

Asked her to write me letter of support for sedation re gut biopsy 20th ? Coeliacs. Told her bullied into no sedation last time. Bewildered, but did it!

Made double apt for next Monday re referral to eye clinic re deteriorating sight left eye, no time.

Bit patronising telling me about iron levels ordered from " head office" to "store" to " warehouse" despite my saying macrocytes n stuff like that. Still, it was a clear explanation of low ferritin, ie 7!! So iron replacement to commence post gut biopsy for ?Coeliacs.

Poo poohed B12 and PA. but had explanation. And said

" I treat the patient not numbers" referring to not driven by mere blood results. Pick me off the floor. And is open to giving me "two or three" injections of B12. Hm tried bless her but two or three injections months apart? I shall continue with plan to SI but will let her give me first so covered for any mishap.

Least of my problems flaring Lupus at moment, would you believe. SS killing me!!😡😡

All in all. Got a lot out of her. Made sense. Listened and gave replies! Novel for me that.

So. Wondering about changing Surgery? Do it. You may be pleasantly surprised, but as I say, not jumping up and down yet.

I am posting this on various sites so ignore if you are multiple like wot I am.

Big relief.

Thanks for your continued support everyone. I hope that is the end of my SAGA as far as being heard and acted upon.

You are not alone.

It can be done.

Love to you all


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Maybe do a small boogie instead of full on jumping up and down but it sounds like you may (fingers crossed!) have a good one there... and even better you can actually get a double appointment with her in a few days time! This is like gold dust! :-P

I've got my fingers crossed for you that she continues to be helpful and supportive. :-)

in reply to taka

Heartfelt thanks taka



hope it continues to go well.

Hi Footygirl . I changed GP 3 times within the same practice (there are only 5 GP's there) before I landed my dream GP. She readily admits that I know more than her about my chosen subjects (lupus/UCTD/lung disease/ B12d) but she nevertheless supports, guides, advises, commiserates etc every step of the way. She phones me every month and I rely on her heavily. I would advise anyone who wants greater control of their health to do the same.

Well done you - she's making all the right noises from the outset. Xx

Brava to you too.

I had been through 14 GPs at same surgery over recent years, came up empty all the time.

Thanks, it feels good to be heard, yeah?


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