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Not able to get B12 now for Amazon Germany

Hi All

Forgive me if this has been posted before, I am not the best at searching this site.

I require frequent B12 injections (2-3 a week) or my symptoms come back. Obviously, I will never get this from my GP. I got my supply from Amazon in Germany but I just tried to re-order and (Google translate) says something like "we cannot deliver this item to this address". Is it because of all this Brexit nonsense? I am in Glasgow in Scotland. Had no issues with this before. I have got some (10 vials) from but that wont last me very lone (I gave them a good donation).

I have already tried to decrease my dose but am sitting here with pins and needles all up my back that I didn't have on my usual regime. This is scary! Where else can I order them from?


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Treaty negotiations haven't started yet so it can't be brexit. May be it is a temporary glytch.

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Thought as much, will try again, thanks


Contact the seller. It's most likely him who set his shop to 'not sell to uk'. As far as I could see there are no offers on that are handled by Amazon, but only by independent sellers.


Hi thanks for the suggestion, difficult when I speak no German lol! Will try again, sure I will get it sorted.


Some of the Amazon suppliers don't ship to the U.K. but plenty of them do. Try choosing ampoules from a different supplier. I came across the same issue but I found some with no problem. Good luck 😊


Thanks spacey1. It's the same ones I always order, that's why I didn't understand it. Same supplier, just went back to previous order to re-order... Will give it another go.


Hi all, managed to get box of 100 for £70, incl postage. Had to try different sellers. Shows you how cheap this stuff is, honestly, would save the NHS a fortune looking after all us B12 suffers who are "depressed" or "odd neuro symptoms"... I despair sometimes... xx


I guess it's too late now since you already ordered, but many people order from and - search for "B12 Injektionslösung."


Hi jade_s will try that next time, thanks


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