Extreme back pain

Hi everyone.

My Mother had an acute stroke last Wednesday and I have been visiting her in hospital (4 hour drive away ) ever since it happened.

Can stress and worry make b12 symptoms worse? Do I need inj more often?

Any advice would be appreciated at this time.

I'm worried and very scared at the moment but trying to hold it together.

Pain in my back is so very painful and pain killers are not helping.

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  • don't have any scientific studies I can quote but from personal experience stress and anxiety do seem to lower my B12 levels.

    Really sorry to hear about your mother - my mother was hospitalised for a period last year and the travelling quickly took it out of me and that was just a 40 minute journey.

    Take care of yourself

  • Hi Catherinejordan,

    So sorry to hear about your mom. I know you must be so stressed now. I can tell you that stress and anxiety makes my need for B12 go way up.

    Since the unthinkable outcome of the US election where a low life malevolent clown has been elected- not by popular vote- I have had to SI everyday! and I still feel that I could SI 2x a day but cant afford it. Sorry to go off topic and rant but I have been hammered by anxiety and depression which totally increases the need for B12.

    Long answer- but from my experience with increased stress, it just zaps B12 from the body. Its amazing how much B12 the body needs when it is in fight or flight mode.

    My personal opinion is that yes, try injecting more often to see if that helps and alleviates your back pain! Best of luck to you and your mom. xo

  • Ty and I agree with the clown comment xx

  • Hi catherinejordan.

    About the stress affecting B12 levels, don't know - but many here say that stress affects their deficiency symptoms.

    Most of all, just want to say so sorry about your Mother. It must be a really distressing time for you all.

    And also want to echo the thoughts of Gambit62 and Ndodge...please take very good care of yourself.

    Love and hugs to you both and I wish your Mother a speedy and full recover.

    Take care xx

  • Thankyou so much x

  • Hi again Catherinejordon,

    Didn't mean to put your situation with your mom and my situation in the same category. Just saying that B12 is used up with stress.

    When a beloved family member is beset with ill health, there is nothing to compare with that particular pain.

    My very best wishes for the best recovery possible for your mom! :-)

    Hope extra B12 does the trick for you with all you are going through. xo

  • Stress does seem to affect my B12 levels, all good wishes to you and your mum hope she is soon on the road to recovery, take care and a big hug

  • Ty x

  • I'm so sorry your mum has had a stroke and that you and your family are going through this - it must be devastating for you....

    To answer your question, stress definitely has a terrible effect on the body in general - not the least, cortisol levels.

    I ended up in A & E last year after a build up of stress raised BP to v. dangerous levels and strongly believe the effect of supplementing B12 to keep levels high may have saved me from more serious effects - B12 lowers homocysteine and helps prevent stroke, so good advice from others here to keep your own levels high plus any means to keep other problems to a minimum.

    I do hope your mum makes a good recovery Catherine. In the meantime, take as much good care of yourself as you can.


  • My goodness what a lovely reply. Thankyou so much x

  • So sorry to read about your Mum. Does she also suffer from PA or low B12 ?

    When B12 is low I have read that Homocysteine is often high. Raised Homocysteine can be predictive of heart issues and stroke.

    Do hope all will soon be well for you both ....

  • No she's never been diagnosed PA. Thank you for your kind wishes x

  • Hi catherinejordan

    So sorry to hear your mum is ill, and also the stress it's causing you. Having read all the great replies from this fab forum I'd just like to add the back pain could be from the tension that builds during your 4 hour drive. I agree with all the B12 advice but mines a bit different - look after yourself, have a soothing bath with aromatherapy oils (Bergamot is good for tension) when you're back home, and perhaps a cushion to support your lower back while your in the car! - Not as technical as some but it works believe me!

    I hope things go well for you and your mum xxx

  • Callo56

    Thankyou I need all the advice I can get and believe me ill give the aromatherapy bath and the pillow a go. Xx

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