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Lower back pain - is it connected?

Hi all,

Just hoping for a bit of advice from all you lovely, knowledgeable people.

Diagnosed with under-active thyroid last year, and Hashimoto's since then. Saw an endocrinologist in Jan for numerous symptoms which my GP completely ignored, such as below range but b12/folate etc, and have now also been diagnosed with PA.

Since Thursday I have had lower back pain and wanted to know if this could be due to PA. Should also say I have just finished b12 loading doses, but still symptomatic.

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Hi Helena, I know lower back pain and lower leg pain is a symptom of vitD deficiency, have you been tested?

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Hi MissLillyskisses,

Thanks for replying.

Vit D was tested in Jan and came back deficient, so was put on 500mcg for a fortnight, then monthly.

I have follow-up blood tests (since finishing b12 loading) in 2 weeks so will axk for full vitamin panel to be retested then.

I just want this pain to go away.


Another sign of vitD deficiency pain is pressing your breastbone with your thumb and pushing up slightly, go easy because if it is painful it will be a surprise. Your vitD dose sounds like a maintenance dose have you researched dosages?

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I take 5000iu d3 daily along with k2 which directs the calcium into the bones and away from heart and arteries. My vit d was 59, I'll soon be finished the pot of tablets and will retest. Good luck. P's my hair no longer sweats constantly and my feet no longer cripple me in the morning. However I am plagued by sciatica and must wait 21 weeks for an appointment.


Hi! miglet54 My daughter has a protruding disc and she has had numbness on her thigh for a long time. I bought her this strap to put around her calf as she had another bout of sciatica and within 10mins she felt tingling in her numb thigh. Might be worth a look. My best wishes to you.


Than you do much, my pain is in buttock, and numbness on shin and lower leg.

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B12 deficiency is associated with muscle weakness which is a major cause of lower back pain so could be a link.

It is also quite possible that you can feel worse - particularly aches and pains - as you heal - I think of it as being like listening to a radio when the signal is poor - you turn it up so you can hear and then the signal comes through much clearer and it is deafening.

B12 is used by a lot of systems in the body - and different systems can be the effect of B12 deficiency on more than one system. Damage takes different lengths of time to recover - repairing myelin takes a very long time. Anaemia takes several months.

Did you make a list of all of the symptoms that you had and are you monitoring progress against all of these.

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I think there may be link.

I experience terrible back aches and muscle spasms in my lower back ,spreading to thighs. There appears to be no other reason. Im otherwise very fit . I also have noticed a sudden anddramatic stiffness in muscles in that area. Not sure if you have any of these issues to.

I think medics are a long way from understanding the full long term effects of PA on our bodies!

I get no support from my gp. Can only suggest pain killer gels, hot waterbottles but try to keep active or you just focus on the pain all the time.

Good luck


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