Methyl b12 patch and neck pain

Tried my first methyl b12 patch and put it just under my earlobe as instructed. Woke up this morning with agonizing lower neck/collarbone/shoulder blade pain. Can not move my head forward as if to touch my chin to my chest without wanting to scream.

Has anyone else experienced this from the patch or did I just sleep horribly, horribly wrong? Either way I ripped the patch off in fear :(

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  • I never had anything like that when I used the patches.

  • horrible. Never heard of this before. but I haven't used them.

    Just wondering, was there anything else in the patch? Do you have any allergies or know sensitivities? Any warnings or contraindications on the box? Or online information?

    Idea for doing a test - stick a patch to your inner forearm when up and about during the day and keep an eye out for redness, pain or swelling - and rip of if any occur.

    But behind the ear is so much more sensitive, and has a much greater blood hmm....bit of a tease.

    Will be interesting to see if anybody reports anything similar.


    P.s. I often get burning patches of skin which make movement difficult and painful - nothing to do with position, strain, anything I've applied to skin.

  • Well there are no odd warnings but thee is 200 mcg of selenium. Looking it up it appears it could be considered a toxic ingredient but from what I understood at much higher doses? My brain is still experiencing some processing issues.

    I am still feeling the wrath this morning of whatever happened but am now scared to try that particular patch again.

    Thank you for your response as always!

  • I have used viepatch5000& otherb's regularly. When i first used them i had a bad headache when i put it by my ear. Twice it happened. I now put them on my upper arm. They work for me(pins and needles go within a couple of hours) but i know from previous posters that some have little effect/relief from using them.

  • I thought about putting it elsewhere but thought there must be a good reason they are saying to put it behind the ear. Like maybe that was the best absorption place or something.

    I will try elsewhere next time as both you and foggyme have done! Thank you!

  • I have pins and needles in feet and lower legs, never thought of trying B12 patch. If I try where is it best to position patch, and would I need one for each side? ...if you know what I mean!

  • I use ones which are methyl based at a high dose. Originally i used one every 2-3 days. I knew they were working for me because the burning legs and p&n went away within hours. I put one on my upper inside arm.

  • Thanks for quick reply, have looked at vie patch 5000 and will order when this months credit card bill paid!! Sounds like just what I need and of course if it enters blood stream probably travels round and delivers where needed...or is that naïve/

  • They were the only ones which worked for me even though i had tried a few different ones on the market. Maybe it was the combination of other b's in it which does the job.

    I also tried methyl drops from yoga nutrition(amazon) to good effect.

    Trouble with this condition is it is so unpredictable with so many factors which make what works for one not necessarily for another.

  • Good to get a personal report and experience. Agree that not everything works the same for all. A lot IS trial and error and alas money!!!

  • Perhaps we should all arrange a swop shop. Lol

  • Have often thought of this, a bit like the clothes parties where someone loves your mistake

  • I am going to try them again because I still have the pain and believe I must have slept very poorly that night.

    I do admit that I felt much, much better as far as my energy levels. Maybe the pins and needles would be helped if I placed it more strategically. Gonna give it a shot!!

  • I've found using a patch has sometimes provoked a headache, but then I get so many headaches it might be coincidence. I found the opposite to you with neck and shoulder, they actually felt better than usual.

  • I do think I slept wrong :(

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