B12 and folate patches - any good?

Hi am currently researching supplementing my loading doses with a B12 patch as I suspect my GP will be unlikely to increase/extend my loading doses after the initial 6 given she feels my B12 levels at 215 are normal. I haven't the mental energy for a fight and it seems that most people on this site have unfortunately had to go down the self medicating route. I've seen a patch on Amazon made by Pur Organica that contains 4 months supply of methyl B12 (1200mg) and 400mg folate for £12.99. Just wondering if anyone has tried these and if so are they worth it? I'm unable to be tested for IF so not sure if I have any absorption issues as GP isn't of the opinion that my problem is B12 as I'm not anaemic (yes I know from this site that anaemia isn't always present or is a late manifestation of B12 deficiency) but still wondered if a patch is better than sublingual lozenges? Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks :-)

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  • Vie patch sell 5000 methyl patch about £15 for six i get the ones which have other bs in them too

    Found they work for me for about 4 days

    Also found methyl drops from yogabody work

    both via amazon

    Got my hydroxo injection from germany about £80 for 100 and needle package of 100 £23 from proximity via amazon. Only downside of jab juice is it is in 2ml of fluid and needs to be injected quite slowly

  • Versandapo.de is a good place for hydroxy ampoules. They are 1ml and cost about £65 incl postage to uk for 100. I use tiny insulin needles from Amazon uk to inject subcutaneously.

  • Oooh that sounds quite good - may go down the self injecting route but don't like the idea of injecting into thigh muscle! Can I ask where you inject and if it's as effective as injecting into muscle?

  • I inject into tummy sitting down alternating the two sides. Needle goes in at 45°. I warm up the ampoule by putting it in my clothing for a few minutes. Don't need a different needle to draw up. Just one fixed insulin needle about half an inch long. Some people think it takes longer to absorb than intramuscular but it definitely works. My daughter does the same as me. She accidentally had a b12 test a few days ago and her serum levels were over the top of the range.

  • That sounds much more gentle than doing it into thigh muscle. Think I could probably cope with that and my colleague has offered to teach me what to do.

  • Hi..it seems that different things work for different people and no one is sure why that is. I find that the Boost methyl spray and also Jarrows 500 methylcobalamin work for me. I buy whichever I can get the best price on at the time. In the long term they are no substitute for injections and you may eventually find that you may need to self inject. I do hope that you soon find what works for you...be prepared to experiment a bit. Good luck.

  • Thanks I've just bought the Boost spray along with some iron tablets and folic acid so hoping that will help things along a bit as loading doses finish next week. Going to wait and see if there's an improvement before taking them and if so how long it lasts as don't want to take too many supplements all at once because I won't know which is actually having the desired effect.

  • No point sticking a folate patch on your skin. Swallow it like nature intended. Any B12 absorption problems won't affect folate absorption to any noticeable degree.

  • Hi, I tried the sublingual lozenges but found they made my tongue and mouth sore, now using vie patches with no problem.

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