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What a difference B12 and this forum makes!


3 months ago I couldn't walk more than a few metres without gasping for breath. I had to choose one task to do a day. If I did a small supermarket shop I wouldn't be able to walk the dogs as well. I now realise I couldn't even shake my duvet efficiently! GP was pretty useless so after finding this site I started self injecting. I've used just over 20 X 1ml phials so far.

Today I had a log delivery. 3 huge dumpy bags of logs to stack, although the delivery man did drag them to my log store ( bless him)

I did it in an hour. Over a ton of logs stacked on my own, 6 large tub loads carried around to the overflow store and the log baskets in the house filled. Can't believe I did it. And after a short sit down and a cuppa I'm ok to take the dogs to the beach, where we're now walking 2 miles most days.

THANKYOU to everyone here for info, support and advice. Without you I'd still be spending hours every day in bed wondering what the hell was wrong with me.

Cutting out gluten, eating fresh fruit, veg and protein have helped, along with the now weekly B12 jabs.

To anyone else suffering the awful effects of B12 deficiency there is hope of a recovery to enjoyable health. Self injecting is quite cheap at just over £1 per injection and taking control of your treatment helps enormously.

Again I can only say a HUGE thanks and wish everyone a healthier road ahead.

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That is so encouraging 06hollyberry - Keep well

Happy Days 06hollyberry,

J 🍀


Hi 06Hollyberry. It's so wonderful to hear that you're well on the road to recovery.

It'll be heartwarming and encouraging for those in the 'early stages' to read your post so thanks to you for sharing your good news.

Your phase 'hours in bed wondering what the hell was wrong' will ring true with so many people....and you're now shifting logs and running along the beach. Truly inspirational 😀.

Well done for persevering and very best wishes for a continued recovery.

Plenty of people here to help, as always, if you have any hiccups.

Take care and keep logging...😀

Its when people like you post 'good news' stories it makes it all worthwhile for the recently increased admin team who have spent many hours poring over and answering the many posts that this site gets.

I'm not up to running along the beach ( yet!) but the 2 mile walk is an enormous improvement. Just being able to stay out of the house for an hour and a half is wonderful.

GP tried to fob me off with my breathlessness being a panic attack, and the vague opinion that I had post viral fatigue. Thank goodness I had the Blue Horizon blood test done which showed up the low B12 and then found this site and the symptom checker. I didn't realise how many symptoms I had; I was fo using on the worst 2 ( fatigue and breathlessness) I'd urge everyone new to this to print off the symptom checker and work through it.

I had a letter yesterday from the Endocrinologist saying my cortisol level was " normal" and they'd also tested for P.A which was negative, so at least they did more than the G.P. did.

How long did it take for you to see a big difference? 3 months? Just asking because I had the same symptoms but I am only in a month of taking the b12 injections. Also this has affected my spleen so I am hoping I feel normal soon. I feel better but still not my self. 😊

I don't feel 100% as I did, but I think I've had B12 deficiency for a long time --- just didn't know it. I saw a difference after a couple of weeks of injections on alternate days, then it seemed to tail off. I gave up gluten and have again seen a leap in improvement.


glad to hear things are improving

Hello 06hollyberry can I ask where you are getting the injections. I have PA and while my doctors have been pretty good they are refusing to give me the injections any more than every 8 weeks. It’s not sufficient, I’m not even living a half more like a quarter. I can’t go on like this. It’s effecting my ability to be a good mother and good colleague and good partner. I’m tired and weak most of the time. I’m at the end of my tether .

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I bought the B12 phials from Versandapo in Germany. I bought syringes, needles and swabs initially from Amazon (10 of each for about £4) Then I bought a huge box from a medical supplies co, sorry can't remember the name but I reckon they'll last me years :) It works out at +- £1 an injection all in.

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