B12 injections and weight loss?

Has anyone else noticed rapid weight loss with self injecting B12 ?

(I started with 1 a week for 10-12 weeks as it was very low and no help from GP, and now once every 2 weeks)

Not much of a diet change (as it wasn't that bad anyway, and no exercise added). Just with injecting B12. (A lot of change in weight).

I wasn't overweight so I'm just curious if anyone else has noticed.

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  • I was the opposite unfortunately, lost a stone in the 6 months prior to PA diagnosis but started gaining again once I got injections.

  • Have you had your thyroid checked? There does appear to be some interaction between B12 and thyroid function.

  • I wish! Unfortunately my weight has increased.

  • I've lost some weight since si - about half a stone. I know it's because I'm not eating as much as before - my appetite has really waned. I have to force myself to eat, much of the time.

  • I noticed the lack of appetite, but don't feel the need to eat, just eat because u have to and try to eat a good diet.

    B12 is enough to give you 101 symptoms and hard to deal with, The last thing I want is a lack of something else.

  • I lost about a stone before diagnosis and it's slowly creeping back on.

  • I have lost 3 stone in three years since starting treatment

    Mind you I needed to lose it I think it's because I have more energy now


  • Could be the case. I was very Inactive due to low B12 and no energy before SI.

  • Hi

    Yes it's worth checking your thyroid but I agree( privately) - I had more energy - that and I stopped eating gluten.

    How are you feeling and sorry to ask but how much is a lot?

    Yes the Dr'S are useless but their hands are tied in the NHS. The RDA limits for most vitamins was set up in 1941. Just a tad behind Japan and other forward thinking countries!

  • A lot ?

    You mean weight ?

    I lost about 10kg in last 6 months. To me it seems a lot.

  • Sorry forgot.

    I feel much more energetic and a lot of other symptoms have gone, some improved. My main symptom now is fatigue. I'm not taking any Iron, I think I was on the low side and that's causing it, also was low on D3.

  • Hi

    They both need to be optimal.

    Vit d makes a massive difference- take it with K2 mk-2.

    It's definitely worth the £99 blue horizon fee that will give you a reading on all thyroid and 11 vitamins- it is private and comes directly to you.

    Yes that is a fair amount of weight loss- depends whether you can afford to lose it. Definitely needs monitoring- just need to ascertain reason as I have never heard of it being b12 and you certainly don't want that taken off you.

    Daft question but how is your diet- good fats are your friend. Most of my clients have to alter eating habits.

    If you need any help message me

  • K2 is Potassium, what is K2 my-2 ?

    What does it do, does work together with D3.

    Is blue horizon a private blood test ?

  • Thanks very much.

    Clients ?, Can I ask what u do.

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