Mold toxins and B12

Hey all,

After looking at symptoms which match my own, one of the things I've stumbled upon which may very well fit my profile (including B12 deficiency) is exposure to toxic mold.

Both my workplace and home have suffered water damage in the last few years and it appears that the symptoms of mycotoxicity are extremely similar to those of B12 deficiency, I've also stumbled across a article that appears to show a link between mold toxicity and B12 deficiency.

Any thoughts?

Anyone on here been exposed to mold at home or work?




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  • Hmm! Interesting. I suppose I have, most of my life, when working outside. I will look into it too. Thank you.

  • perhaps fbirder will have a scientific answer.

  • Link about B12 and toxins, mold toxins are mentioned

  • Morning all,I was exposed to black mould a couple of years ago,I had recurring chest infections and had to sleep downstairs for several months shortly after I was diagnosed with vitamin b12 deficiency

  • Yes, previous flat had mould on bathroom ceiling (upstairs neighbours had leaky shower, unknown to us) which I would clean off and repaint regularly. The bedroom was damp and had some mould. Current place not as bad but have found areas of mould round washing machine, damp smell in kitchen, and some stuff stored in cupboards and wardrobes getting mildew and mould.

    Have also noted similarities in the symptoms.

  • Interesting, but as far as I know I have not come into contact with any amount of mould or mildew.

  • Yes exposed to molds and fungi in a damp climate since 2005 till 2014 and experienced several lung problems but would clear everytime I visited Bedfordshire where I now live. May now have Bronchiektasis plus B12 deficiencies since (I suspect) 1993 when involved in RTA.

  • My vitamin B12 plummeted when living in a London flat with a mould problem. But it's hard to isolate the issue, as my thyroid also went hypo at the same time.

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