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Low B12

As i have seen the GP and has

treated me for the 2 weeks non

neurological loading dose route and with 1 injection every 3 month time. with my result 145ng/L range 130-800ng/L

Although i dont have many symptoms

do have pins and needles a few times a week at night waking me up also had migraines auras (family History)

multiple times a month but now controlled with magnesium tablets.

short term memory problems at time.

tinnitus ,but it is confusing as the GP

doesnt seem to agree that this is Neurological and the GP could be right as i am open to this view also

as i am full of energy no fatigue none of the extreme symptoms and

as i dont have the neurological PA symptoms my mother has which is brain fog irritability memory problems.

I am aware of the pinned info on the

forum and support from the forum .I am in two minds in returning to see another GP to get another opinion

i will be getting a IF test in few months

with ferritin and folate.

i have had very good ideas from from forum but where i am sort of a grey area just need a little more support

on which way to go at this point

Athough i could just accept the two week loading dose and wait for the first 3 month injection and see how

my symptoms are while waiting like

Gambit62 has advised which could be the best solution.

thanks in advance for your views

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difficult to see how GP could dismiss pins and needles as neurological symptoms unless there is obviously another explanation.

What exactly did your GP say about the pins and needles? Is it hands or is it feet?

On one level it would be better to get cards on table and ensure you get the correct treatment from the start - and if necessary work with your GP to ensure they really understand B12 deficiency for your benefit and for the benefit of others that they may be (mis)treating

- for neurological involvement loading dose would be 3xweekly until symptoms stop improving (review after 3 weeks) - which sort of makes keeping a diary very important. If you didn't really notice any difference for the last few loading shots then that would sort of imply - even though it's only been 2 weeks - that really the job of loading doses has been done.

Have you noticed any improvement in the number of times you are being woken by the pins and needles? would be good argument for continuing loading if you have.


Hi Gambit62

Again you have made some very good and interesting points.

The pins and needles did

in my hands did reduce to only 2 times in the two week loading dose so that may imply a noticed difference .Still have continual tinnitus .

The diary is a good idea.

I originally sent a letter with my symptons and after the GP appointment

sent another mentioning

i believe i should be given

an extension to the two week loading dose .GP replied by post for me to make another appointment to see GP

in the letter it was explained as there was a lot of issues raised.Wanted to come see GP.

but on the day of appountment GP didnt really raise any of thr issues including the BNF

which was not read in my opinion after saying worried giving me too much B12 as i said you cant over dose GP said oh yes you can sort of blocked me.I even quoted

a professor who mentions

GP's are guided by NICE

Guidelines they are not directives but most doctors use them as directives and B12 is only given if there is proven

B12 deficiency by the GP.

It could be possible i have carpel tunnel in both hands but maybe strange to affect both hands at the same time .GP didnt really look into pins and needles so i need to express that i did notice s difference to the GP if its not Carpel tunnel.

much appreciated for your time Gambit62

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