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As a male over 50 i am being treated with B12 starting dose 6 injections over two weeks

family history of PA.

I went over some blood test results

over a period of 2012 to the present

and noticed Lymphocytes in 2012

result 2.4 Range 1.5----4.0

Neutrophils 4.3 Range 2.0----7.5

2013 lymphocytes

2.5 Range 1.5----4.0

Nuetrophils 5.4. Range 2 ----7.5

2015 lymphocyte 2.1

Range 1.50---4.0

Neutrophil 3.1 Range 2.00---7.50

2016 result Lymphocyte

1.6 Range 1.50---4.0

Neutrophil 3.4 Range 2.00-----7.50

It appears the Lymphocyte is gradually going lower each year since 2013

I was under the impression that the Neutrophil to Lymphcyte should be at least 3 times higher or is the FBC more of a guess and estimate?

thanks in advance or any ideas

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Don't know where you read what you read.

All I've been able to find - admittedly a very quick search - is that the ratio is a measure of subclinical inflammation. It appears to be elevated in patients with certain types of cancer.


Suggest that you talk to your GP if you are concerned.


Hi Gambit62

thanks for your reply and link ,i was originally looking into B12 deficit

from looking at previous

blood results in comparism but like B12

it can be more about Symptoms than serum readings,

I think FBC can be complex and difficult to interpret as for example i found that White Blood Cell count in the serum

only shows 5-10% of the true picture like B12 or Magnesium levels in the blood .I found some info

that neutrophil and lymphocyte in FBC results it appears from what i read

neutrophil normaly in healthy adults is roughly

3 times more neutrophil than lymphocyte .From this a ratio can be established and the higher the ratio the more probable a condition would be present.

Also i was told that that these results can even change

wildly from time to time too.I think its good to keep copies of

Blood tests and review them from time to time but they are only snap shots of that time and better left to the GP to explain them .I will mention to the GP my concern but it appears from my reading i answered my own question on Blood test results.

Thanks for you kind help as always good luck and

good health.


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