Digestive problems with PA

Hi Everyone,

I'm getting desperate now. My PA gives me the worst GI problems. I live on meat, fish, seafood and some vegetables. Sugar, alcohol and dairy are all no go. I understand the problem, lack of acidity leads to indigested food which leads to increased bacteria in the gut etc etc. I've tried everything, most probiotics are lactic based but my bacterial overgrowth must be of the D lactate strain as these probiotics make my symptoms ten times worse. I recently tried soil based pro biotics which cost a fortune and they didn't go down well either. I've tried antibiotics to kill off the bacteria which left me on crutches and I didn't work for 6 months, I've tried herbal remedies for this and they all gave me problems and finally I've tried digestive enzymes.......never again. I'm out of options apart from my draconian diet, anyone tried anything else I haven't covered?

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  • Have you tried symprove. Someone here recommended it so I got it for my daughter and it helped her gut problem. Expensive but maybe worth a go?

    It has been clinically trialled and they claim it is one of the very few probiotics that can survive and grow in the gut

  • I really sympathise with you over those tummy problems . Don't know if my tips will help but here goes . I had awful gut problems ( I have PA also) I went to a gastroenterologist who eventually ( after prescribing me tablet called Metoclopramide which was useless and dangerous) told me that PA patients have low or no stomach acid . I set about finding out how to treat myself, as there is no treatment for Achloryhdria or Hypochlorhydria with the NHS . . I came across a fAntastic pro- biotic which is water- based and free of lactose called SYMPROVE . It worked like a charm ! BUT it is expensive . I used it for about 5 months , then gradually cut down to zero . To maintain the good stomach flora which I had obviously nurtured I started eating a portion of ORGANIC RAW SAUERKRAUT every day( health food shops and Amazon ) . Then to get it even cheaper I made my own , which I prefer to the bought .( instructions on the Internet) I use organic red cabbage and also chop some red onion with it , and ferment it for about 10 days . The longer you ferment it , the more probiotics grow . Then it's kept in the fridge . It will keep for months . It is truly marvellous stuff. I can now eat anything I fancy without problems .

    I do hope that you can crack your tummy problems . I wish you all the very best .

    P.s. I also take Inulin occasionally . It is a prebiotic that will help the probiotics to prosper (Amazon)

  • I'm going to advocate the two things that sorted me out - Symprove (yes, another one) and lime juice.

    The lime juice replaces the hydrochloric acid that your stomach no longer produces in sufficient quantities. This helps keep the gut bacteria out of the stomach as well as helping the digestion of food, especially proteins.

    The Symprove is expensive, but I found it really works. I started doing it once a day - now it's much less frequent, although I do take a Bio-Kult capsule every day. I'm not sure if you'd be OK with it - here's their FAQ bio-kult.com/faqs#q6

  • I have had the same problems. I have been taking Symprove for about 5 weeks and will continue for a for a few weeks more, and then try Bio-kult as fbirder suggested. Wedgewood advice about sauerkraut is good too but I buy ready made - 'Laurie's Original Organic Raw Sauerkraut.' It must be the unpasteurised sort. I try to remember to eat some everyday. These worked well until recently, but was wrecked by a course of antibiotics, so I have to build them up again.

  • thanks to everyone for taking the time to reply. I ses That symprove contains two lactobaccilus strains, so I can't take it. I need to check out what sauekraut produces to see if I can take it.

  • Lactobacillus strains digest lactose ( the sugar in dairy products ) to make lactic acid , so are good for people with lactose intolerance .

  • Yes , sauerkraut does produce a strain of lactobacillus

  • Just a thought (and I'm not a medic) but have you tried an anti-candida diet? It's about a six week programme and it's pretty tough, but then so is the diet you're already following. The idea behind it is that it allows all the bacterial and fungal overgrowths in the digestive system to die off. At the end of the six week, you can start to introduce a more normal diet. I think they do recommend pro and prebiotics, but I did the diet just on its own and found it helpful.

  • yes that's what I'm doing (no potatoes, no sugars, no carbs) and it's the only thing That helps.

  • A probiotic product called ALFLOREX appears not to contain any strains of lactobacillus . It costs £29.95 for a month's supply .

  • thanks I'll check it out

  • As a last resort I have read about FMT procedure (Fecal Microbiota Transplant ,) which is apparently very successful in difficult cases .

  • I know about this and quite honestly I'd have it if I could find anyone prepared to do this procedure here in France. I am encouraged, however, that an American has produced a freeze dried version which he has called, wait for it ........ 'the crapsule'!!!

  • I just bought this so haven't read it yet, but I have a friend who swears by it. She had Chrones and rheumatoid arthritis and nearly died - this diet cured her. I thought it might help you, too. I wish you he very best of luck. These conditions are so frustrating and exhausting, but keep fighting - you will win!


  • Would it be worth trying ‘water kefir’? I have been making milk kefir for a couple of months now, and my bloated gut problems have improved. Just a thought to add into the mix!! Very good luck. You will crack it.

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