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PA - B12D = Debilitating

MOBILITY PA B12 D Symptoms? Are these symptoms Neurological or Rheumatic problems; that are magnified and heightened by B12 Deficiency?

I'm worried about my lack of mobility; and the lack of improvement in mobility. Let's begin at the lowest end of the body (the feet) with ankles swollen, soles of feet sore (sometimes numb) and swollen, calf and knees swollen with restricted movement in all joints; my hips are painful, etc... etc... Left hand permanently swollen! I'm having difficulty Walking any distance. I'm having problems trying to find a position to sleep. I cannot put my own socks on. getting in or out of the bath has become almost impossible without the help of my wife, getting up from a sitting position is difficult; and when I'm able to walk at all, I walk with a limp; because of the weakness in my lower joints. I DO NOT HAVE Headaches, Dizziness or Brain Fog etc..! All my symptoms seem to be attacking the bones - joints and muscles of my body. I was a very fit person with an athletic life-style; but now I'm becoming disabled. I find it maddening at times, trying to come to terms that I can no-longer Walk where-ever - I want. Run to keep fit - and Cycle long distances. Not been swimming since October 2014.

This is not me!

I have a question for everyone?

Are any of the B12D PA, Group experiencing the type of symptoms I've described above? or have you experienced these ridiculous debilitating problems?

Am I the only one?

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Is this something you have talked to your GP about.

There is a huge overlap between symptoms of B12/PA and other conditions. The swelling doesn't really sound like B12 to me.

It is quite common for Rheumatoid Arthritis and B12 to co-incide (genetic factors rather than a causal link I think) and it would fit with arthritis.

I believe that because of the part that B12 plays in healthy cell reproduction it can result in osteo-arthritis and also osteoporosis.

However, can definitely relate to the stiffness and pain - sensation of pain often altered by the effects of B12D


I would say it is also rheumatoid artritis related, I have oa when I have my b12 jab do feel better for couple of weeks,


I don't think anyone on the forum can answer your question as you would really need proper medical advice. From what I've read about B12 deficiency your symptoms sound like something else, but it has a wide range of strange symptoms, and you might have more than one condition at the same time.

But for your comparison: I have had some of this, but not as extreme as you, a few years ago I became stiff in my joints, had swelling especially of the lower legs, and around my face. One of my knees intermittently began to give way very painfully, and I couldn't run any more, I have a strange painful seizing up of my wrist and hand which feels like a sprain but lasts about 24 hours. I have developed pins and needles in arms and legs and burning in soles of the feet. I find it hard to walk at times, my legs don't seem to work properly and it's hard to breathe. I also had 18 months of what is called 'frozen shoulder'. When I first became ill years ago, I had terrible exhaustion, agonising pain and restriction of movement in my neck and shoulder. Unlike you I also had/have headaches and brain fog, dizziness and nausea. Currently having B12 injections and am observing an impact on these symptoms, however they still come and go but I'd say there's a baseline improvement and at times I feel almost normal. I also wonder if I have some other undiagnosed problem however.

What does your GP or specialist say?


Hi Frodo,

Do you think you are getting plenty of B12 ? Do you think your symptoms would lessen if you had more?

Nytsom, I consider the brain fog and fatigue to be the biggest part of my B12 symptoms and have seen a lot of people on here and Facebook saying the same thing.

I hope you find a solution soon.


Hi Denise, yes thanks, I am getting plenty - at the moment. I don't think more would help, and might possibly precipitate a crisis (this doesn't necessarily apply to everyone, but my system is over sensitive and reactive) If, as I suspect, my original illness was B12 deficiency (never got a proper diagnosis then, or taken seriously) there's long term damage, and my thinking is that if it is possible to heal it, that will take time. What I'd like to know is the root cause, I have various hypotheses, but can't be certain. That would influence my future dealings with Drs in terms of whether/how I can absorb B12 & if there's anything else having an impact such as low thyroid (some similar symptoms, runs in family but another case of "normal" test results).


Thanks for the replies,

I do not seem to have the headaches or nausea; but energy is at an all time low; and will fall asleep at the tip of a hat!!

Mobility is the worst of my problems at present. I have the feeling that maybe I've done some serious damage to my nervous system, over a long period of time.

Rheumatic and blood disorders not helping the situation; I'm of a mind, that it's going to take quite some time with B12 injections; before I get any kind of relief from this illness.


There are several other conditions that seem to accompany Low B12, including underactive thyroid and fibromyalgia. It sounds as though you could have arthritis or similar as well. Definitely need to get your GP to look more closely to see what else is going on with your health. I understand how upsetting it is to have to change from an active lifestyle. I used to be a lawn bowler, and although I still belong to the club and run a team, I can only manage half a game these days. So competitive bowling is out for me! Very annoying. MariLiz


Rheumatoid Arthritis is an autoimmune problem - so possible, give that you are recently starting treatment that your immune system is gaining strength but unfortunately this may also mean that auto-immune problems are getting stronger and maybe you also have RA but it hasn't been progressing/noticeable because the immune system was run down because of the PA. Think you definitely need to get things checked out with GP.


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