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Malabsorption problem, digestive issues

Hi everyone,

I haven't posted here for quite some time as my PA is under control with Regular injections. My biggest problem Is malabsorption syndrome which has recently been diagnosed. I can't absorp carbohydrates or fats which Is wreaking havoc, my diet is reduced to vegetables and Fish. I'm underweight and in pain a lot of the time due to duodenitis. I had the videocapsule down on Friday and I'll get the results This Next week. My GI doctor has discounted Small intestinal overgrowth due to the time lapse before producing hydrogen on my breath test. She thinks it may be due to a lack of pancreatic enzymes which I've already tried but the HCL burned my sore intestines. She also wondered if it Is simply down to my PA. Has anyone else had problems as sévère as This? I've tried antibiotics (with disastrous results) and every strain of probiotic (almost as disastrous). I'm on the point of losing my job (as I'm no longer reliable) .

I'm getting quite desperate. Has anyone else had This problem?

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HCl is not a pancreatic enzyme. It is a gastric enzyme.

The pancreatic proteases are needed for B12 absorption in normal people. B12 binds to haptocorrin in the saliva. This protects the B12 from stomach acid. Once it reaches the duodenum proteolytic enzymes break the B12-HC linkage, freeing to B12 to bind the Intrinsic Factor for absorption.

But your injections will bypass all that.

Your symptoms sound a lot worse than the gastric atrophy that causes PA.

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Thanks for replying. I have read that chronic gastritis can lead to chronic duodenitis. if that's the case it's not good news for me...



rather old article on malabsorption syndrome which lists a number of possible causes

sounds as if the range of absorption problems is a bit too broad to just be PA.


I agree 😐 I guess I drew the short straw...


Please let us know if you find any answers. I too am going through severe malabsorption right now but I also have celiac. I have been on an extremely strict aip/gaps diet for 7 years but now with the b12 deficiency my digestion has become terrible again and I have severe nutritional deficiencies. I end up fasting quite a bit because eating causes a lot of discomfort. No one seems to have any answers for me other than to say give it time... I wish I had some answers to give you. I wish you healing and happiness.


thank You so Much for replying. My mother who has been diagnosed with crohns has the same problem but she has improved massively since following a food desensitization programme called 'provacation/neutralisation' therapy. There are only 3 Private clinics doing This in the UK and it's expensive. There are no guarantees but after 9 years of suffering I decided to try it it. I've only been following the programme since November and have managed to reintroduce Just three Foods (no carbs yet) so it's early days. I feel for You really, it's not easy to live with This.

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