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i have been given cyanocobalamin 50 mcg for low b12 i take tablets for blood preasure thyroxin and omoprozal is it safe to mix all these things with cyanocobalamin please and how long befor dizzieness goes

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Yes, perfectly safe to take B12 with any medication. But 50mcg is not treatment for a B12 deficiency. Low dose tablets are of no of extremely little use. Unless the deficiency is because of a lack of B12 in the diet. Almost always it is because of an absorption disorder and then your body cannot absorb B12 from food. The maximum then would be around 1% which would mean in the case of low dose tablets like yours pretty much nothing. The normal treatment is injections with 1000mcg. How low was your B12 and were you tested for pernicious anaemia? How long have you've been taking the omeprazol, because that can be a cause of a B12deficiency if taken for long periods (years)

Have a look at our Pinned Posts on the homepage of this forum. Lots of info in there.


I don't think that the question and answer are 100% clear.

Yes - it is safe to take B12 and thyroxine (levothyroxine) but NOT at the same time of day.

A huge range of medicines, supplements, foods and drinks interfere with levothyroxine absorption. The general advice is to try to keep levothyroxine hours away from anything else but water - but the number of hours varies depending who is saying it! Certainly four hours for iron supplements.

Without going into exactly what ingredients are in the B12 tablets, and even then there might be little or no evidence of interference due to lack of research, the only safe answer is to try to take levothyroxine well away from everything else.


i have been taking Omerprozal for about five years now,i dont know how low my B12 is at the moment but seeing the doctor next week and i will ask her,i am on a low fat diet for my gaul bladder would that make my b12 low


No, the diet not. But the omeprazol after 5 years surely lowered your B12. Even if that is the only cause (I'd still ask to test PA because you're taking the omeprazol for a reason, (maybe gastritis?) ) and I'd still want injections, or at least take hogh dose B12. 50mcg cyano is just rubbish.

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that form is very hard to absorp so you may want to try the methcobalwin form....cant spell but it is easier to digest and absorb ....how low was your b12 can you post bec for low b12 they usually give you1000 to 5000 dosage for 2 mths and recheck and that was for low normal b12......i still take 1000 and a b complex bec b vitamins work best together....pure encapsulations make great b vitamins.....many vitamin companies are not great....or trustworthy so buying from good vitamin companies to must to make sure you get what you need....

p so


that form is very hard to absorp so you may want to try the methcobalwin form....cant spell but it is easier to digest and absorb

Actually, oral cyanocobalamin should be no more difficult to absorb than oral methylcobalamin. Both are bound to Intrinsic Factor for absorption.



read article hence it spells out which form is best which is very important if you are trying to raise b12


I've read it and it looks dodgy.

It makes numerous claims, none of which are supported by the, largely irrelevant, references he gives.

But the dead giveaway is that he makes a living by selling methylcobalamin. So his claims should be given as much credence as the claim that 'Guinness is good for you' as a bit of medical advice.


you are entitle to your opinion...

but top doctors in the field say agree the meth form and i have been told to never take the other form to treat my low b12 and it worked quickly within two months at 5000mg a day then i had to lower to 1000 and also b vitamins work best together so i was ordered to take a b complex as well.

and you can google it and get one article after another saying the same thing...

you can notice that the cheap form of the vitamin cyn is always in the cheap vitamins in drug stores etc......the other form is more expensive and is only in the top quaility pharmaceutical grade vitamins






topdocs? hmmm

Read this, from a real B12 expert: b12researchgroup.wordpress....

I do agree, somewhat, with the cyano, but there's a reason why injections are usually hydroxy, see the link.

Even patients with metabolic disorders of B12, get treated with hydroxo. methyl gave no extra benefits there.

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Yes, you can google it and get lots and lots of people who make money by pushing methylcobalamin, either through selling it, selling books about it, or selling advertising space on their websites.

What you won't find are scientific research papers that say methyl is better absorbed than any other form of B12. And, as a scientist, that's the evidence that counts as far as I'm concerned.


sorry seeing the doctor next week and i will ask her i didnt ask her what it was at the time


didnt mean to offend anyone.....only my personal experience, my sister and my son and what worked for us that was easy and over the counter.....bec when you are low in b12 you dont want to wait and it was remarkable with us..........best wishes you get better and everyone else as well


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