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Kinda confused

I was tested for Intrinsic Factor in August, by GP previously gave me B12 and folic acid tablets.

Due to my thyroid problems etc, all my blood results are posted on my patient access site so that I can see them.

My IF is not there, when enquiring at the surgery I have had several conflicting answers:

"all your results are ok" - that old chestnut

"its not been done" - the lady taking the blood told me what was being tested?

"we don't know why the GP asked for that" is this relevant? and just yesterday

"oh its pending, if the result is no back by next week call us"!

How long does this test take, and also what are the ranges please. My mother has B12 injections every 3 months, her GP (just as evasive) said its due to diet and immune problems?

Thanks in advance for all help and guidance


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Hi, a year ago you had a b12 level of 400 were you given the b12 and folic after that?


Even more confused now, how would you know what my b12 was a year ago?


I would Love to able to claim 'to see things' but i just clicked on your name and read through a few of your old posts on the thyroid site.


Sorry I can't really give you an answer on how long the test results should take but it does sound that it is taking a while. There are a number of things that could have gone wrong and delayed the result coming through to the surgery but it is difficult to understand why you are getting such conflicting answers from the surgery and I can understand why it is denting your confidence.

400 is far from being a conclusive serum level for a B12 deficiency. Most people will be fine at that level - though a significant minority won't be. A proper evaluation would mean looking at symptoms but the overlap with thyroid symptoms makes that a lot more complicated.

Notice from looking through posts on TUK that a couple of months later it had fallen to 314 and your folate levels had come up again at that point - presumably because of the supplementation. If you had a trend showing a continuing fall on B12 levels (even given the B12 supplementation - which I am assuming was very low dose if it was on prescription) would be good evidence that you do have an absorption problem and even if it didn't need addressing now it would do in the future.

If IF comes back showing that you do have antibodies then that would be conclusive but a negative won't actually prove that you don't have PA though your GP may take it that way. Do you know what strength the tablets you were given were?

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