Night vision for driving......Does low b12 affect it?

For years I have had terrible night vision for driving. Have discussed with opticians but never been offered a solution. The vision would be made worse in bright on coming headlights when I would be almost blinded.

Last night was the first time I've been driving in the dark since starting injecting b12 and my night vision was almost crystal clear!!! It is amazing. I can only assume this is because of b12 supplements


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  • Ive had this too. Been reluctant to go out at night for a few years until i started injecting.

  • Perhaps Lulu_65 hopefully you've answered your own question.

  • I know. Haha. I did think that.

    Lu 😎

  • Hi Lulu_65. Exactly the same happened to me. First got anti-glare night driving glasses (which helped) but then gave up night driving completely. Since being on B12, night vision is almost perfect...trouble now is getting the energy to go,out at night!

    Long may you night drive 😎😎 x

  • Foggyme yes the energy to actually go out at night would be good too. I had anti glare coating on my glasses but that didn't help. I did say earlier in the year that I shouldn't be driving at night. I was so amazed last night. Lovely and clear

    Lu x

  • This is really interesting, I've struggled for years with night driving and couldn't understand how it's not a problem for other people!

    I don't have PA (that I know of) but I feel my b12, folate and ferritin are low most of the time.

  • I have been lucky so far this year not to have had to do any night driving, however next week I have got a late client to go and see so it will be dark when I am travelling home, and to be honest absolutely dreading it as my night vision has been so bad even with anti glare glasses, so fingers crossed it will be a different story next week, shall keep you updated :)

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