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could it be low b12?

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Ive finished my 6 b12 loading doses about a month ago. All symptoms dissappeared including pins and needles, blurry vision and brain fog. I now have weird pains under my ribs. It feels like I am being pinched from the inside, mostly on the left but sometimes under the right too. They dont seem to be related to anything like eating or breathing. Im having a hard time believing new symptoms could occur after the old ones have completely gone.

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Do you know what your iron / ferritin levels are? Low iron can cause breathing problems by affecting the muscles in our rib cages...

The extra B12 may have enabled extra red blood cell and haemoglobin production which has used up your iron reserves.

I don't know what my levels are. I had iron deficiency anemia before being treated for b12 defeciency. The Dr told me I could stop taking the iron tablets. Should I try starting them again? I have an appointment on the 16th but don't want to wait if it could be more serious.

I can't really give advice on here other than to get your levels checked.

What do you think? If you took the risk and tried it and it helped then you'd know but you need to be aware that you can have too much iron. Try Googling it and see.

I have the same thing.. it's like a Charley Horse under my ribs.

Adding additional SI B12, magnesium, folic acid along with a DECREASE in potassium, it seems to be much better!

Do you also have lots of burping? It is so annoying. I can go hours with nothing and think it's gone and then I will get another twinge.

No.. thank goodness! Haven't developed that, yet! I have costochondritis & the burping is something fellow sufferers mention a lot.. also, the sensation of the cramping/pinching is a symptom of costochondritis, too. Very painful.

I have never heard of costochondritis before- despite lots of googling symptoms (which tell me I obviously am not going to live longer than a week). This sounds exactly like what I have! Thank you! Hoping it goes away for both of us soon- it's not just the pain, but the anxiety of not knowing what it is.

I certainly hope that's not the case. It's a chronic condition and with the worst flares, I'm in ambulance heading to ER with what feels like a heart attack!

Please feel free to msg me if you ever need to talk..

PS.. I am a googler.. I know what you mean..however, it has been a valuable tool in bringing things up to my doctor. They never thought costochondritis, either. Was indeed what was wrong..

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