Mothers B12 Pernicious Anemia and COQ10

I was wondering ,i am in the midst of finding out

if its possible to take COQ10 with all my mothers medications,

but something came to mind, if she has a problem in the first place

of absorbing B12 in the stomach i would imagine this would be the

same also with tablet forms of COQ10(is there any alternative to tablets? i am trying to find out if there are interactions with Clopidogrel COQ10 and the other list of medications.

I was also considering taking a COQ10 but i saw Pharma nord has in its 100mg capsels 30mg of Titanium dioxide which is an E number used to whiten paint and processed food also toothpaste can anyone suggest a local supply in the UK without this additive?

Thank-you for any advice.

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  • The mechanism for absorbing B12 is quite specialised so I'm not sure it would affect other substances in tablets - though if the absorption problem is linked to a general absorption that would affect things ... but probably to a lesser extent.

    In terms of interactions I'd advice that you either talk to your mother's GP or talk to the pharmacist that dispenses your mother's medications.

  • hi Gambit62 thank you as always coming to provide your advice on the forum

    most appreciated to you for taking the time to advice i will follow it up to

    Good health and luck to you

  • For what it's worth Advice1 I've taken a 100mg COQ10 capsule every day for many years, I've had P.A. for 45 years and I'm still "clivealive" aged 75 - but then that's just me - I can't advise what your Mum should do.

    Maybe best as Gambit62 says ask the Pharmacist.

  • Hi Clivealive thank-you for taking the time to advice me i am most grateful for your generous help glad things are good with you with the CoQ10

    Good health and good luck

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