b12 and vitamin a

Hi I have had b12 injections and now my readings are much better but i wanted to know if anyone nows anything about vitamin A my blood test result is 0.4 and just wanted to know if i should be concerned im awaiting the consultant who did the tests to get back to me and my GP doesnt want to get involved with it !! any one know what causes levels to be low

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  • If don't know the reference values for A, does it say on the results? maybe you lack A in your diet? Your consultant will probably look in to it if it's clearly low.

  • The result was 0.4, unsure what it should be i have tried google but with not much luck !

  • It doesn't give on the paper? Or at least the units? (like umol, ng or something) From what I remember it's something like > 0.3 but then 0.4 would not be low, or normal is between 1 and 2.2 (umol/L) and below 0.35 is a deficiency, but difficult to say without the units, so best then to wait for the consultant.

  • This is a link to the EFSA recommendations for upper limits for vitamin and mineral supplementation - it tends to give quite a good summary of the risks and effects of various vitamins and minerals


    p151 onwards.

    haven't read very far but: Vitamin A is absorbed in upper part of the small intestine - B12 in the lowest part so if there was a general problem with the whole of the small intestine ... can't say how likely that might be. Both are also stored in the liver.

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