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Doctors and Depression

Just thought I would share this video that was produced by MIND as part of their current campaign to break down the stigmas around mental health by getting people to talk about it so it is no longer a taboo. It does highlight the stresses that GPs and other surgery staff.

Whilst there isn't really any excuse for refusing to listen to patients it is sometimes useful to reflect on just how pressured life can be for others.

Do find myself wondering if any of them are actually B12 deficient but don't realise it ... but then that is another story

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For those that are suffering - they may find the work of Kelly Brogan helpful. Her recent book - A Mind of Your Own - is available and she has a website. Her Newsletters are also interesting.


Gambit62 - I do agree with you about the B12 problem. Thyroid and B12 should always be tested when people suffer with low mood. Sadly the test results are only as good as the person interpreting them. B12 190 - OK you are fine. TSH 4.9 - OK you are fine. Simply NOT in both cases ....

Also more points for the surgery when AD's are prescribed - thyroid meds are way down the list ! - I guess B12 too.


I have certainly been feeling very down since my gp was very rude to me and was clearly not interested in any of my problems.


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