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B12 patches - best area to place them

Hi all

I've been using B12 patches for about 3 months now since my test results showed a slight deficiency. I've been placing them on my back on alternating shoulder blades, but am convinced they're not working as effectively as they could. I know they suggest placing behind the ear but that's not practical as I'm a bloke with very short hair! Any suggestions of where might be the best place?


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I use them on my upper arm, flex your muscle and slap it on!

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On your bicep or on the side (where you normally get injections?)



Out of interest which ones are you using?


I've tried two - the PurOrganica ones and the Living Nutritional ones. Any recommendations?


I use viepatch b12 - 5000 with 10 others in it as well. When i was bad i used them about 3 times a week. Despite the supposed placibo effect i did notice a difference- my burning legs went- all in the mind lol!

I tried the pure organica ones- didnt do a thing for me either.

Got dr. davids but not tried them yet.

Trouble is its an expensive experiment to find what works.

Are you taking a broad spectrum multi vit? You also need potassium to kick it all into gear im told, so bananas and brocolli or more tablets! Have you had any more testing done to find out why deficient? I recently had a bloods and biopsy which revealed im coeliac with significant gut damage.


I would say overnight as an instant relief, but i comes back fairly quickly, hence me using about 3 a week. Im not a good 'pill' taker but i found if i didnt use them i knew about it. Now its about one a month but that might just be me being lucky. Can only suggest you give it a go if your finances allow.

I got them via amazon about £15 for 6. Be careful of multiple packs, i found they were more expensive ironically. I bought from a company called rare gear they were £12.99 + delivery. another thing that has been sucessful for me is methyl drops from a company called yoga nutrition that was £13.99


I tried patches for a while, but my symptom records showed that, despite early impressions, they did nothing for me.

When I tried them I decided that they would work best somewhere where the skin is relatively thin, so I used the underside of my arm.

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