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Do B12 Patches Help?


Hello to all you helpful posters! I have found only one supplemental source of B12 in the U.S. besides prescribed injections and pills (bilingual and regular). This is a B12 patch that is applied behind the ear. Has anyone had any experience with this? I was diagnosed with PA over a decade ago, but, like many of you, much damage was done to my body before I finally got diagnosed. An even mildly helpful supplement to my prescribed injections would be welcome, since I am not aware of any way to obtain B12 for additional self injection in the U.S..

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Dear Lindajanes , we have had several posts from the US like yours , and I know that the posters have eventually obtained B12 ampoules . I’m still I bed at the moment (time difference !) I remember that one source was in Canada . It was an online pharmacy called

They supplied Hydroxocobalamin B12 which is a form of B12 which is considered superior to Cynocobalamin. The price was very reasonable . The make was Rotexmedica .

I have used Rotexmedica for 3 years and it is absolutely great . It is made by a reputable company in Germany . It comes in 1mg x1ml ampoules .

Have just been online to them and you need to register before you get any info . They have the Cynocobalamin form of B12,which is widely used in the US , and also the Hydroxocobalamin form which is better , ( it stays in the system longer ) but a little more expensive . .

There is a US company called where you can obtain the Methylcobalamin form of B12 . It’s very expensive . I’ve tried this form and found it no better than Hydroxocobalamin. Maybe you will hear from fellow compatriots in the US with better info . Very best wishes .

This is good news, Wedgewood! Thank you so much for the detailed info. I will follow up and -- fingers crossed-- have a supply before too long.

Your info about hydroxocobalamin was new to me and very interesting. I really appreciate it!

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Just for clarity...

The .cn top level domain is for China. are registered in Taiwan. But they do seem to ship from Germany...

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I got the info from a US person who posted , who seemed to think cn was Canada ! Sorry about that . I had dealt with them in Germany , and can use my old password to log in to them . They sell the Rotexmedica B12 ampoules at the same price that I get them from Germany . Thanks for the info .

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Canada is .ca - I must admit, for years I thought that was California.

Forgot to say that I did try B12 patches when I couldn’t get ampoules . They did not help me at all . The B12 molecule is very large , and it’s too difficult to get through the skin . I covered myself in them and they were useless and expensive .

I'm getting a an interesting image of someone covered in patches😆 but the useless expense is not so funny. Won't waste my $$. Thanks again.

I can tell you -I looked a sight !

I’ve just remembered another source in Australia called . They sell all the cobalamins , and export to the US .

Just found a posting from someone in the US called cdragin who has purchased from the Australian site I mentioned . He or she just said that they took ages to arrive . There was no duty to pay .

Ages to arrive is OK. This is a good source to pursue. You are so very helpful. It means a lot.

I'm here in the U.S. Can you get a prescription from your doctor for B12 ampoules? I asked my doctor and he gave me a prescription without blinking an eye. I took it to my local pharmacy and they filled it. I also got my needles from them. It was very inexpensive. My prescription is for the Cynocobalamin form of B12.

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Hello and thanks for replying. I can get a prescription, but only for the same amount of B12 that I get injected at the clinic. I was hoping to supplement that with patches because symptoms return before my next injection is due. Good for you for finding an affordable solution for yourself, though.

My doctor gave me a prescription for 12 vials (enough for 1 year which works for me) but he would've given me a prescription for more if I had asked for it. Maybe try to find a new doctor.

That's a good thought!

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