Restless Legs Whilst Sleeping

Hi everyone

I am probably one of the lucky ones and haven't needed to be on here for some time as my condition is manageable, but I always tend to come back when my symptoms change to get advice. Occurring weekly to fortnightly when I sleep my wife tells me that I am constantly moving my legs in bed (every 20 seconds). This can last for many hours. Could this be a sign that I am due for a B12 injection or possibly just another symptom of Pernicious Anaemia that I will have to learn to live with?

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  • For me restless legs and leg cramps are always down to low Magnesium, but low Ferritin and low Potassium can be implicated too, I know I am low Ferritin so ok for me to supplement that and too much Magnesium gives loose stools so that is a good indicator, but the Potassium is more tricky as too much can be dangerous, so when RLS is plaguing me I try to eat more high Pot foods and take a low dose supplement for a few days. I am not medically qualified and not recommending this to others, but it may be worth checking out, lots of information out there on the web. Food sources of Potassium are safe though.

  • I should have said food sources are safe unless one suffers from high Potassium levels, sorry.

  • Thank you Harvena, I will try a Magnesium supplement and see how that goes. An extra dose of B12 wouldn't hurt either. It's been quite a while since I've had a blood test so that might be on the cards. As most people know who suffer from this condition it is mainly self help that seems to work. And advice from other members that have the same condition has been so beneficial for me as it has meant I can lead a normal life. Or what we call normal anyway!


  • Restless legs is a symptom of B12 but it could also be other things. Moving in your sleep is very common but every 20 seconds does sound a bit excessive.

    You could try taking more B12 and see if that changes things - otherwise, if it is a problem then you should mention it to your doctor.

  • Will do Gambit62. A trip to the Doctors every now and then certainly wouldn't hurt. As we live in a rural town the quality of Doctors tends to lack a little so we find that talking to members that have the same condition is usually more beneficial. Thanks for the reply.

  • I used to find restless leg was a symptom of my low thyroid but I don't know if you have that issue as well?

  • Thanks Matty220 I'll look into it. It's worth a try.

  • Try buying a magnesium oil spray, and rub some into your legs before bed. It might just help. Alternatively a magnesium supplement in tablet form.

  • Thanks MariLiz! Will see if I can get some. It would especially target the area I am having problems with.

  • I had restless legs when I had iron deficiency anaemia.I am amazed you are sleeping through it.

  • Yep, sounds like a blood test is necessary. I sleep through it but my wife suffers.

  • Magnesium oil rubbed on my legs morning and night for a week or so helped a lot. I just use it a few times a week now.

  • Thanks for your reply JanD236. Worth a try!

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