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Vitamin D - New Recommendations


BBC Breakfast yesterday had an item about Vitamin D and how some new recommendations suggest we should all be taking it as a supplement -

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When my GP discovered my vit D was low they prescribed Calcichews . Has any one else been prescribed these ?

LtAngua52 in reply to Kapat1

Eh? I thought that was for calcium deficiency. I know there is a link there but usually you are prescribed vitamin D 3 when you are deficient. I may be wrong and the experts on here will clarify.

I take vitamin D but take k2 with it so the extra calcium it generates goes to the bones and teeth instead of the arteries.

Kapat1 in reply to LtAngua52

Calcichews-The treatment and prevention of vitamin D/calcium deficiency . Anyone else had these prescribed?

LtAngua52 in reply to Kapat1

Did the doctor say you are deficient in Calcium too? I was prescribed calcichews about 14 years ago as they thought I was lactose intolerant and told me to avoid dairy, leading to low calcium. Turns out I wasn't lactose intolerant so only on them briefly.

Kapat1 in reply to LtAngua52

Nope just vit D

Polaris in reply to Kapat1

LtAngua is right about taking K2 with vitamin D3:

"we fully benefit from vitamins A and D only when we have K2 to complete the act and achieve optimal health".

"When you take more of one fat soluble vitamins you create a greater need for the others, If those others are lacking, toxicity symptoms result."

"Although vitamin D on its own will increase osteocalcin production, together vitamins A and D have what scientists describe as "remarkable synergistic effect" to boost osteocalcin output 19."

"vitamin D stimulates the production of vitamin K2 dependent gla proteins, thereby increasing the body's demand for vitamin K2 and the potential to benefit from K2. That makes vitamin D a superstar because the more vitamin K2-dependent proteins you make, the more calcium you can direct to the bones and away from the arteries, if you have the K2 to activate those proteins".

From "Vitamin K2 and the Calcium Paradox: How a Little-Known Vitamin Could Save Your Life"

Kate Rheaume-Bleue

fbirder in reply to Kapat1

There are two types of Cacichews. One is just chewy chalk for people who need calcium. T'other has D3 added.

I'll guess that you are female of a certain age, where osteoporosis is a possibility. Both Ca and D3 are important to fight that.

Kapat1 in reply to fbirder

Ha ha I like my description of female of a certain age and u'd be right !

Marz in reply to fbirder

.... as are all the other minerals for osteoporosis. I realise this is of little concern to you fbirder - but I know many read your posts :-)

Recent research has suggested that statins can cause heart/circulatory issues due to raised levels of Calcium in the arteries. This is because statins not only blocks the CoQ10 pathways but also the K2 - and as we know K2 is involved in directing calcium on its way. You couldn't make it up !

Magnesium is key !

Always interesting when the medical profession decides to alter existing guidelines. Let's hope they do that soon with b12 diagnosis and treatment!

clivealiveForum Support

I was diagnosed with low Vitamin D in March @ 59.6 nmol/L (80 - 150) and put on 800 units of D3 per day for 3 months. This despite the fact that I've been taking an "Over 70s" daily multivitamin for years which contains 20μg (400NRV) of Vitamin D3 - these amounts are obviously not enough.

Marz in reply to clivealive

The amount suggested by the medical profession is usually around 800 IU;s daily. Your result would suggest a minimum dose of 4500IU'saccording to the chart below.

Have converted your D result into ng/L - which is 24.

Above is a chart showing minimum D levels to prevent many serious conditions.

VitD is fat soluble and if the capsule does not contain fat take them with your main fat containing meal. Don't forget the K2. VitD is a steroidal pre-hormone and every cell in the body has a D receptor. Multi-vits rarely contain enough of anything and if you increase the doser then you run the risk of overdoing on some things. Best to take things individually.

Research has also been done linking Low D with Alzheimers. Statins block the synthesis of sun on the skin and the subsequent production of VitD - so that's at least 7 million in the UK who will have a problem .....

Sadly medicine seems to be about taking one step forward and two back :-)

There is another side to the VitD story - and that is whether or not the body is TH1 or TH2 dominant. People have to make up their own minds.

I take 10,000 IU's in the winter and 5000 in the summer. Hubby and I both tested insufficient after living in Crete for 4 years - back in 2009. As we age we do not metabolise nutrients so well and we both have Hashimotos .....

Apologies for the ramble :-)

clivealiveForum Support in reply to Marz

Thanks for the ramble Marz I need to take more exercise to combat my P.A., diabetes and statins :)

Marz in reply to clivealive

Having followed your informative posts clivealive for some time I do not recall you mentioning you were on statins.

Back in the 70's if patients presented with raised cholesterol they had their thyroids treated :-) As diabetes and thyroid issues are closely related - and both endocrine issues - I do wonder if you have had your thyroid adequately tested. Docs often fail to make the connection - and after - all both glands are part of the endocrine system. When you think of an electrical system and one part is down - it affects the whole circuit.

Statins do not prevent heart disease - nor do they save lives .....

The third link takes you to the master of the cholesterol story/con. I have been fortunate to hear him speak at two conferences and have read his books.

Dr Sarah Myhill mentions in her book - Sustainable Medicine - that the only benefit statins have - is the same anti-inflammatory effect that VitD has :-) Apparently the new generation of Statins - contain VitD.

clivealiveForum Support in reply to Marz

The Vitamin D was retested in June and the nurse said it was OK. I didn't think to get the numbers.

My thyroid was tested a couple or three years back, I've been on statin for four or five years and been Type 2 diabetic since last year

My daily "diet" of medication consists:

First thing with water

1 – Lansoprazole 15mg

Before Breakfast with Chamomile Tea

1 – Vitamin C 500mg Slow release

1 – Omega 3 1000mg

1 – Over 70 Multivitamin (Healthspan)

1 – Q10 60mg

1 – Zinc 15mg + Vit C 80mg

During and with breakfast

1 – Metformin 500mg

After breakfast with water

1 – Pro 5 Probiotic 5 Billion + Vit D3 125μg

With afternoon Chamomile Tea

1 – Iron Ferrous Fumerate 210mg

1 – Folic Acid 400μg

4 – Brewers Yeast Tablets

During and with evening meal

1 – Metformin 500mg

Mid evening

1 – Statin 40mg

As to side effects of all these pills I'm reminded of Tennessee Ernie Ford's song "Sixteen Tons" where he sings

"One fist of iron, the other of steel

If the right one don't a-get you

Then the left one will"

Marz in reply to clivealive

My word that is an impressive list.

Might be worth asking for your blood test results so you can monitor your progress. They usually only do one test for the thyroid when there should be 5. Costs ?

Am wondering if any of the links I posted above were of interest ?

clivealiveForum Support in reply to Marz

Hi Marz I did try to read through them but they were a bit above my pay grade. I have to take my wife with me on doctor and hospital visits as I'm very hard of hearing and don't catch all that is being said.

To my deafness I'm accustomed

And my dentures are just fine

I can cope with my bifolcals

But how I miss my mind.... :)

fbirder - I think the suggested dose was 800 IU's daily - well this is very low and will not prevent illness. You may wish to take a look at the links I have posted in a reply to clivealive .

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