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Hi, GUIDANCE REALLY APPRECIATED - my first post to the group is to ask for interpretation of my blood tests and the symptoms i experience

HELLO & THANKS FOR YOUR TIME... hi, i would greatly appreciate any insight & guidance - Due to the absolute confusion that is my previously diagnosed blood disorder!.. a previous diagnosis of Polycythemia Rubra Vera (received LOTS of various blood treatments for a no. of yrs) was dismissed after i moved location & the new hosp consultant refused to see me based on my then RBC blood test result being okay)

Since then I've only seen GP for pain relief medications. Ive literally just sat at home for years hurting. This cant go on, so here i am... i've come to you guys for some very much needed help :) i cannot begin to explain how grateful i am to have found this healthunlocked website!

Apologies in advance that my post is lengthy!! but i thought to best seek advice from other I should try to include all that i've mentioned to my completely uninterested GP practice in the hope you can suggest some directions i could take to find out why my body is failing me in so many ways.

Kind wishes & thanks, from Dex ;)


Im a 35yr old female.

2016: Complete Ovarian Failure.

Loss of Peripheral Vision.

Tritanopia. (yellow/blue colour blind)


Absolute abrupt end to regular periods - they never returned, see above

My impairment to touch/ pain & temperature became really bad

2013 onwards -

Alopecia (re occurring since 14yrs)

bone pains (since my 20's) significantly worsen, (wrists, ankles, knees and back & neck are worst bits)

significant loss in muscle mass

really bad fatigue & weakness (since early 20's) im rarely energized enough to get up my stairs & have taken to sleeping downstairs now for last 5/6 months)

sleep/ wake pattern more erratic or non-existent than ever before! & my family tell me of really odd conversations or actions ive done when i fall into one of my 'instant naps' - i never recall these things..

really heavy menstrual bleeds

Brain fogginess & memory issues really bad (had to abandon my degree studies as i literally have to re-re-re-read information to have a hope in heck of retaining it. i confuse silly words ALL the time. have to call my family by every other members name before EVER getting it right?! (drives me & everyone else crazy...)

Eating Disorder, unspecified (im clinically anorexic, but, absolutely unintentionally, i just simply lost loads of weight & cant regain it)

heat sweats/ shivers.

OCD (i hate it- but just cant stop! ....argh, im literally now driving myself crazy haha!)

+ various other symptoms


blue dot opacities- congenital (diag 2002)

allergic to 4 antibiotic groups since childhood

recurrent hair loss since teens

menstrual probs since teens (heavy bleeds + recurrent miscarriage)

episode of 'elephant arm' 2003 (diagnosed with POLYCYTHEMIA RUBRA VERA)


major hemorrhaging (menstrual) 2007 (platelet transfusion)


DATES TAKEN:____JULY 2013____ FEB 2014____ FEB 2016____ ref (range)

HAEMOGLOBIN EST____ 139 138 155 ____120-150g/L)

TOTAL WHITE CELL____ 8.27 8.3 9.19 ____(4-11 x10*9/L)

PLATELET ____266 297 325 ____(150-400 x10*9/L)

HAEMATOCRIT____ 0.41 0.42 0.46 ____(0.3-0.46 L/L)

RBC____ 4.25 4.44 4.92 ____(3.8-4.8 x10*12/L)

ESR RATE____ 2mm/hour 2mm/hour ____N/A

MCHC____ 343 325 350____ (315-345g/L)

MCH____ 32.7 31.1 31.7 ____(27-32 pg)

MCV____ 95.3 95.5 90.5 ____(83-105 fl)

GFR cal abb MDRD____ 90ml/min 90ml/min 79ml/min ____N/A

C REACTIVE protein____ 0.4mg/L 0.3mg/L 3.7mg/L ____N/A

PLASMA GLUCOSE____ 5.5 3.9 6.1 ____(3 - 5.5 mmo/L)


PLASMA CREATININE____ 64 65 73 ____(49-90 umol/L)

PLASMA TSH____ 0.97 1.29 1.31 ____(0.3-4.2 mU/L)

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I'm afraid most of us here know quite a bit about vitamin B12 deficiency, but not too much about other problems. I know a little about polycythemia vera because my grandmother had it.

Most of your results look to be in range or very slightly above.

Some of your symptoms are familiar. Have you had your B12 any thyroid levels checked.

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Yes, if you could post your B12 serum levels and folate levels it would tell us a lot and you would most likely get loads of info from some very informed folks like fbirder and others.

Please keep in touch!



I did notice that your MCH is was above range at one point and is now just within range. High MCH and high MCV can indicate the possibility of macrocytosis which can sometimes be found in people with B12 deficiency.

A person with B12 deficiency who also has iron deficiency may find that the iron deficiency masks the effect of the B12 deficiency on red blood cells. Low iron can lead to microcytosis.


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