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Thank you!

Really appreciate the replies! Thank you for the advice and the support,so glad to have found this site. Loved the radio analogy ! that makes a lot of sense and will be supplementing the potassium etc too as has been mentioned.

Feeling better today but was dreading the jab,have definitely noticed that a morning injection seems to affect me very badly but weirdly if I have it later in the day I'm not too bad! Nurse at my surgery doesn't seem aware of any negatives following the injections though she did admit to having heard that flu jabs can affect people differently dependent on the time of day....? I've also not had any advice on extra supplements,they know my vit D is very low so they prescribed supplements for that and though the doc initially forgot she did eventually remember to add in folic acid...better late than never! My diet has always been good and varied so there's nothing to change there though apparently I'm not absorbing these things as I should be anyway! I'm still going to add in multi vit/minerals anyway just to be safe.

Wouldn't wish this on anyone but it's still good to find I'm not alone...or mad! Wishing good health to us all...

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