B12...and supporting vitamins/minerals


I'm on day 3 of self-injecting 1mg hydroxocobalamin (finally!). I've read a lot about the various vitamins and minerals which can help optimise your body's use of B12. In fact, I've read so much I'm quite bewildered. I understand that everybody is different, and will find their own personal treatment plan which works for them, but wondered if anybody was willing to share the treatment plan, or any advice/experiences, which gave them best results-just as a starting point. 

I'm suffering mainly neurological symptoms (weak/numb legs and faintness/dizziness/tinnitus).

I'm currently taking (per day):

2500mcg methylcobalamin (in the morning; this seems about as much as I can tolerate at the moment; suffer dose-related headaches)

1 x mg hydroxocobalamin (taking later in eve)

The supporting cast is:

-potassium chloride (supplement 400mg in the morning + banana smoothie and dried apricots)

- magnesium citrate (supplement 400mg morning)

-800mcg methylfolate (lunchtime)

-cod liver oil capsule (lunchtime)

-multivitamin with iron (dinnertime)

--50 mg vitamin B3 (dinnertime)

I'm struggling to figure out how to balance all of these supplements- in terms of doses, frequency, distribution/order through day...

Any thoughts welcome!

Thank you :)

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  • Usually a good Bcomplex is sufficient , using coconut water rich in potassium , flaxeed oil capsule or omega capsule ,folate or 5mg of folic acid and magnesium baths eg Epsom salt , x

  • I might be complicating things needlessly...but just want to help my body in any way I can!

  • yes of course ,I think you can take too many vit tablets when it is best to reduce that if possible by supplementing with things like the coconut water and Epsom salt baths xx :)

  • Good idea Epsom salts, thanks for that.

  • I've got magnesium flakes :)

  • Hi Booksellercate,

    I think it is important to keep your folate high now that you have started the B12 as the two work together.

    I hope you get on OK and wish you well.

  • Thank you. I hope 800mcg is enough.

    My folate levels were quite high when tested- apparently a sign of low B12!

    Just wish the faintness/dizziness would start to recede. 3 weeks on sublinguals and now 3 injections. I suppose it is still early days...

  • I take 400mcg per day and have done for years and my latest test results showed 18.2 ng/ml (3.10 - 20.50ng/ml).

    Of course folate can be sourced naturally by eating plenty of green vegetables but as I had two thirds of my stomach removed 57 years ago (leading on to P.A.) I'm not too sure how much nutrient I get from my diet so I supplement with most things.

    I wish you all the best for the future

  • Thank you :)

  • I eat dates as they are a better source of potassium than bananas.

  • I added dates to my shopping basket earlier :)

  • I'd get a good active B complex, I like Integrative Therapeutics. The mg citrate- Natural Calm is held to be very good - take at night to help with sleeping. I'm surprised that you take ur hb so late as supposed to keep you awake as an energiser. Is your folate intake too high? Normally 400mcg is recommended and can be found in the good B complex. How about vit D3 and K2, taken with healthy fats?

  • Thank you for your reply.

    I might resort to a B-complex for my other B vitamins to try to streamline.

    I take the methyl-B12 sublinguals in the morning (adding an extra 1mg at lunchtime to see if I can tolerate this) so have the injection in the ev to spread it out. I also thought it might do some work overnight-that was my logic. Dizziness/faintness is more problematic for me at the moment than tiredness so trying to work out what is best to treat neurological symptoms.

    Folate too high-you could be right. I was advised high to match the high B12 intake (I'm treating a deficiency not maintaining) but I'm not sure that 800mcg is too high. There doesn't seem to be any guidelines - just lots of personal experience which varies wildly...

    I take cod liver oil after dinner :)

  • Have you looked at Phoenix Rising? They seem to do high meth and folate. To kickstart Methylation I think - I have only had a quick look.

    What is your ferritin level?

  • I've had a brief glance through some writing on methylation-and struggled to get my head fully around it.

    Just taken a look at Phoneix Rising and will have a sift through tomorrow-thank you for pointing me there directly, I think there could be lots of useful info in there (just seen a suggested protocol) - the catch-22 is that with my bad head, I am struggling to read and use a PC at the moment-I'll make it my goal for tomorrow.

    I just had serum iron tested - it was 21 (range: 7-32)..is serum iron about as 'useful' as a serum B12 test?

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