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Hi All, this is a question I have asked before, but seem to have misplaced the information.

I want to start self injecting with B12 (Im in UK), my GP is getting uncomfortable with continuing to do two a week. Where is the best place to buy it from? Where do I get the needles? What size needles should I use? I understand that they vary in size, I am only 8 stone and have quite skinny legs, so I won't need to go far in to hit muscle. I'm eager to get the stuff here soon, as I have a nurse friend coming to visit in a months time, who will show me how to do it.

Many thanks

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  • I get my B12 from Germany - versandapo.de/article/searc...

    And the rest from Amazon - 

    2ml Syringes - amazon.co.uk/2ML-PLASTIPAK-...

    Green needles (for taking up the liquid) - amazon.co.uk/Sterile-Single...

    Blue needles (for the actual injection) - amazon.co.uk/Sterile-Single...

    You may find it better to use shorter needles - amazon.co.uk/Sterile-Needle...

    Sterile swabs - amazon.co.uk/Alcotip-Isopro...

  • It's recommended to use two needles a big one to suck the stuff out of the ampoule, a smaller one for the injection. The one used to suck it up can get slightly blunted, which may make it more painful.

    Needle diameter is colour-coded. Most use green needles for aspiration and blue needles for the injection. I've recently been using purple needles as they're shorter. Although I'm a little over 8 stone (about 9 stone over) I don't have much fat over my thigh muscle, so I reckon 55mm is plenty long enough for me.

    Delivery of the B12 from Germany should be about a week. The stuff from Amazon may take a little longer.

    It's really quite easy, once you get over the initial colly-wobbles.

    Oh, you'll also need a sharps bin to dispose of the stuff. Ask your local pharmacist about getting one (and disposing of it). The details vary depending on where you live. I get mine delivered and removed by the local council.

  • I'm a Type 1 diabetic so have a sharps bin for those needles, I dont have a problem injecting insulin, but it's not IM like B12, so I am a bit wobbly about doing it!

  • Some people do it sub-cut if that would be easier for you.

    Look for the user sweetnessandlight as they so sub-cut.

  • Via amazon i got a 100  of two needles types, sharps boxes mediswabs and syringes £23  as a complete package. Delivered within a week.

    100 ampules of hydroxo from Germany about £80

  • Thanks Lisahelen - do you have a link to the German supplier?

  • Typical! Shredded the receipt the other day! Sure deniseinmilden was the one who originally posted where it was on offer. Why dont you Send her a pm and ask.

  • I've just discovered B12d.org and they say they supply methylcobalamin ampules - do you know about them?

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