B12 and Vit D deficency. What else should I take?

Sorry for yet another question. I have to get my own vitD supplement when the perscription runs out. From reading the posts here I am going to get Solgar VitD3 5000iu. As I can't get another B12 injection till after 3  months and am still exhausted I am going to try sub lingual Solgar methylcobalamin 5000 mcg.

My brain is starting to get fogged up and I have read about needing vit K2 and other vitamins. Is K2 needed to help the D3. Also I would appreciate suggestions of good quality other supplements.  My head is in a whirl from looking on amazon. If you are not allowed to post actual names can you please message me. I am desrerate to order something to see if I can improve having spent the last week only having the energy to sit in a chair all day. Even using the computer is exhausting.

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  • Vitamin K is found in lots of foods especially leafy green vegetables & hard cheeses


  • I think Victoria Health dot com is a good place to look for supplements, as they have a very wide range (with a wide range of prices) and each supplement has an explanation of what it does, ingredients, and contra indications. The pharmacist there will answer questions if you're stuck. You can search by condition or supplement and there are some articles as well with more in depth info. They sell some very expensive products as well, but don't be put off by that!

    Another useful site is Dr Myhill's (doctor specialising in chronic fatigue conditions), and she sells her own range of supplements, some of which are transdermal.

  • VitK2 is important as D3 improves the uptake of calcium from foods.  The calcium circulates in the blood stream and if it remains there could cause problems.  VitK2 helps the calcium to be directed to the bones.  Also away from other soft tissues.

    Of course clivealive is correct about obtaining it from foods as a preferred option - but to be on the safe side you could also supplement.  The one I have at the moment is by Now.  Some D3 oral sprays also contain K2.....

  • How are your thyroid levels - not just the TSH - but also the FT4 and FT3 ??   Also have you had FERRITIN and FOLATE tested.  You will need good Folate levels to work with the B12 in your body.  So as well as buying VitD3 and VitK2 - you will need a GOOD B complex to keep all the B's in balance - one with Folate rather than Folic Acid.  When Ferritin is low your thyroid medication will not work optimally.

    Low iron is one of the main causes of fatigue - low iron = low oxygen = low energy.  Oxygen is transported around the body in the cells - this happens by the oxygen sticking to the iron in the red blood cells.  So if the iron is low then that will cause the low oxygen.  Maybe a full iron profile would be helpful too.

  • try to get another b12 injection sooner......  there are gp's who understand, and will do this

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