A test after a month of Vit d???

I have had Pro d3 10.000 given to me for a month via GP I had already bought some from solgar... However when I went to repeat these I have been asked to have another blood test.. I understand that this at first look might seem like a caring GP but as I'm only getting b12 shots 1 every 2 weeks for 4 then over to 3 monthly, caring and knowledge don't shout out at me re any of this... So I am wondering why after a month of Vit d which I had to learn here I needed to take with k2 are they wanting a blood test? I'm not going to suddenly be ok am I? I'm totally perplexed and worried... Is it to dismiss the BH test above? Thanks Jo 😊 x

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  • I'm assuming they want to test your Vitamin D level to make sure that it has responded to the treatment - it was very low.

  • After just 1 month ? I have just had my bone scan and they stated it was thankfully normal but 15 vit d range was bad as they start treating people if it's at 50 in the Osteoporosis clinic... I could understand a blood test after 3 months for a new reading on vit d but not a month... This I'm more worried is to dispute my private test, or lack of knowledge, rather than a caring over the top GP.. As they are not giving me standard loading doses on b12 😊

  • I don't think that they'll be assuming it will be normal after 1 month - but testing should ensure that it is going in the right direction. If not, they may need to do other tests to work out why.

  • hmmm. I trust the GP less that a politician ain't that sayin something. :0 x

  • Hi Jo,

    To advise ANYONE ( - & everyone) on "vit D3" supplementation based on the result of ONLY the standard "vit D" or calcidiol test . . . . . would seem to be "BAD SCIENCE" ( - so says on already established body of peer-reviewed medical opinion, available in the public domain; have you found that, yet ? ? ?).

    SADLY though, Jo . . . . . for us in the UK, this is "standard", unquestioned practice ! ! ! Grrrrr ! ! ! Many supplementers ( - given well meaning but INCORRECT advise) are BEING harmed, . . . . . at least in the longer term, suggests the available empirical evidence.

    Your username, Jo suggests you have a sting in your tail - with the above pointers, find the relevant info ( - of which there is plenty), bring it to the attention of your medical advisors, . . . . . . . . . and if STILL no adequate response, . . . . . consider using that "sting" judiciously, . . . . . . and with ample warning !

    Good luck . . . . . wishing you important and safe steps on the journey to improved health.


  • Scorpio as birthday is November but I do have the DON'T EVEN THINK ABOUT UPSETTING ME gene lol... 😊

  • Hi... a month does seem a short time but it is a good thing to be tested regularly for Vit.D it is one of the ones that you can overdose on and can do damage to the kidneys. so don t worry about it just go along and have the test.

  • Thanks I'm going to hang it out for 2 months then go and have a private one done too... I don't trust em lol... Hopefully there won't be a date on the form 😊 x

  • " . . . . good thing to be tested regularly for Vit. D . . . . " - but with which test or tests ? ? ? Are you (too !) only aware of one, . . . . . and have concluded ( - without even knowing it ?) that that one is enough ? ? ?

    With respect, none of us actually know enough about this one case to realistically ( - and correctly) provide a reassuring "so don't worry".

    The calcidiol test result on its own giving SUFFICIENT information ( - in every case) is very doubtful, . . . . . according to an established & growing body of information, . . . . . . of which the UK medical profession seems BLISSFULLY unaware, . . . . . . sadly to the detriment of many with an underlying, identifiable dysfunction - and one which CAN be resolved, it is said.


  • Thanks

  • . . . . . but what have you, or will you find Jo ? ? ? Do let us know, . . . . . if you would please !


    PS: you're not really a scorpion . . . . . . with a sting in her tail ? ! ! ;)

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