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Supplementing / injecting adenosylcobalamin - anyone had good results doing this?


I'm just wondering if anyone here supplements / injects using adenosylcobalamin??

I have tried sublingual methyl cobalamin and had a bad reaction. I have self injected hydroxocobalamin twice this week as well as using the nasal spray daily, I've had no bad reaction to this appart from my tounge swelling up slightly, but I've not had a great reaction either!! So not sure if it's really working for me.

Please let me know if adenosylcobalamin has worked for you :)

Thank you

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Haven't used methyl sublinguals but people have reported problems with sore tongue from them.

I use adenosyl tablets that are designed either to swallow or just put under the tongue and let dissolve - I'm taking methyl and hydroxo as well (nasal) so can't say what the full range is but the adenosyl have been the only thing that has had an impact on bladder and bowel control. Do feel a bit calmer when I take the tablets as well so they probably work on mood. But that's just me.


Thank you for your help! I will probably try these


do you get sore tongue from the sublinguals or from PA - if its a PA symptom then most likely it will go away but no guarantee - if it is from using sublinguals (sucking anything can result in sore tongue - then using another method of delivery would seem to be a good way to go.


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